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13 Super Crafty DIY Home Repurposing Projects

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Here are 13 of our favorite do-it-yourself repurposing projects for your home. These projects feature everyday items like pallets, wine corks, old books, ball jars and even an old slinky. Hopefully they will challenge and inspire you to add a little more of the reuse part of that “reduce, reuse, recycle” mantra. With a little imagination and some elbow grease, you can do some really amazing things with everyday items that might otherwise end up in a landfill.

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1. “Cork” Board - Like to drink wine, but hate to toss out those corks? Save them up and use them to create a new corkboard. Tutorial from Lauren Conrad.

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Image: the buildery

2. Pallet Table - Think pallets are only useful to move stacks of stuff around with a forklift? Think again, there are dozens of great ways to repurpose pallets and a pallet coffee table with wheels is just one idea. Here’s a tutorial from Saved by Love Creations.

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Image: Art House 901

3. Door Table - By the same token, an old wooden door can make a sturdy and practical kitchen table. Tutorial from HGTV.

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4. Ball Jar lanterns - For those who do home canning, sometimes one ends up with too many old ball jars and it’s time to repurpose them. Ball jar hanging lanterns are just the perfect thing! Tutorial from The Countru Cook.

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Image: sugar SCOUT

5. “Book”shelf - For anyone who has moved one too many times and decided to downsize some books, consider keeping a few treasures and creating a little curio shelf from some pretty specimens.

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Image: Three Arrow Design

6. Wooden Crate Shelf - And you can do the same thing with wooden crates turned on their sides--use them as shelves.

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From the Organic Authority Files

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Image: TimelessTrends1

7. Fence Headboard - And how about utilizing an old gate or fence as a headboard? It’s on trend as rustic chic too! Tutorial from Make It Create.

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8. Old Frame Jewelry Display - A wonderfully easy way to make hanging jewelry storage is to take an old frame and add some window screening. Tutorial from The Elli Blog.

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9. Pallet Garden - Another great idea for reusing pallets is to create a vertical garden by leaning the pallet against a fence or shed. Staple landscaping fabric to the back fill with dirt and plants.

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Image: Jen Wallace

10. Toilet Paper Tube Owls - And for a little bit of fun, make some owls out of toilet paper tubes!

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Image: Veseys

11. Slinky Bird Feeder - This is by far one of the most ingenious ideas on this list and it’s as simple as making a circle with a slinky, holding it in place with some wire hanger and filling it with peanuts. Tutorial from Why Not Do It Yourself.

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Image: Wereldse Lampen

12. Globe Lamp - For those with a little bit of electrical prowess, make a lamp from an old globe. Tutorial from Natalme.

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Image: ShopSweetlySalvaged

13. Shutter Magazine Rack - Hang an old shutter for some uncluttered magazine storage.

Top Image: Room For Seconds

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