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7 Essential Crafting How-to Videos

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For all you crafting types who like to decorate with handmade projects, here 7 of the best how-to videos for your DIY inspiration. Enjoy and happy crafting!

1. Steve McQueen Papercuts

In the first of our how-to videos, DudeCraft show us how to create your own papercut portraits. While it’s a little time consuming, the technique required is pretty simple--just some basic Photoshop and cutting skills are needed. I envision a wall filled with portraits of the Beatles or characters from Mad Men.

2. Origami Paper Flowers

Learn how to make origami flowers utilizing this simple step by step video from Craftuts. Again, this craft will take a little time, but the with the help of these how-to videos you'll soon have excellent paper folding skills and the finished product is quite pretty. Add stems for a vase full of origami flowers or attach them to some Bakers’ twine for a festive bunting.

3. Halloween Sidewalk Chalk

Handmade Charlotte shares how super easy it is to make your own homemade chalk. Use it on your own wall chalkboard or to give away as Halloween treats.

4. Hanging Paper Fan Medallions

Perfect for your next special occasion, learn how to make easy hanging paper fan decorations from KIN DIY. I think this would be a great project for utilizing junk mail and other paper destined for the recycling bin.

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5. Magazine Vase

This is yet another paper recycling project among our how-to videos and a great way to utilize old magazines. it also looks to be a fairly quick and easy project that yields a pretty impressive result. Another option would be to make a bowl for the coffee table in which to hold your current reading pile of magazine!

6. Faux Wrought Iron Wall Art

I love using unexpected materials in crafts and it doesn't get much more unexpected than toilet paper tubes. Utilizing nothing more than toilet paper tubes, an old frame and some spray paint, you can make a fabulous wall art piece that will be quite the conversation piece.

7. 3D Butterfly Clock Wall Art

Create your own 3D wall art clock with this simple video tutorial. All that’s needed is some paper, clock guts and a little bit of time. This is really a stunning home craft idea that can easily transform a boring clock into stunning wall art.

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