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Essentials for The Organic Baby


Preparing for a new baby can be so overwhelming when you start browsing through all the options, especially for the organic mama. Do you want to create a safe, nurturing environment for your baby, without excess stuff? We've broken it down and created the (short) list you need!


Breastfeeding is such a great choice for your baby, and you don't need many supplies. Whether you're nursing exclusively, supplementing with bottles or bottle-feeding, you can still keep it simple and sane.

Have on hand:

  • nursing pads
  • glass or BPA-free bottles
  • a breast pump
  • a sling or baby-wearing wrap (tremendously helpful when nursing baby in public places)
  • organic cotton burp cloths


Cloth diapering is easier than it's ever been, and it saves a lot of waste from entering our landfills. The best way to get started is to purchase a starter kit, such as the ones offered by Cotton Babies and Squishy Tushy.

If you can't quite stomach the cloth diaper, stock up on chlorine-free disposable diapers such as those by Seventh Generation or Earth's Best. Whether you use cloth or disposable, be sure you have plenty of wipes around! Get a gentle, fragrance-free brand; alternately, you can use soft organic cotton cloths and warm water (or your own wipe solution) if you want to be absolutely sure of what you're using on your baby.

Have on hand:

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From the Organic Authority Files

  • cloth or disposable diapers
  • wipes
  • organic cotton sheets, burp cloths or light blankets for laying beneath baby when changing (keep several in your diaper bag)
  • homemade baby oil or a gentle rash cream such as those by Burt's Bees or Aveeno


A safe and sturdy crib and simple, organic bedding will give baby a lovely place to rest and play. Choosing organic for bedding makes sense; your baby will be spending many hours face-to-face with the mattress and bedding you choose.

Have on hand:

  • an organic crib mattress
  • organic cotton crib mattress cover (2)
  • organic cotton crib sheets (4 or more)
  • light organic cotton blankets


Try to go organic at least for the layer right next to baby's skin. Even if an entire organic wardrobe is out of the budget, you can splurge on organic cotton onesies and then purchase non-organic clothes for the outer layer.

Have on hand:

  • a good supply of organic cotton onesies (you'll go through a lot in a day, so stock up)
  • soft, comfortable, unrestrictive clothes such as cotton pants, light-weight dresses without ornamentation, sleepers
  • a good supply of socks to keep baby's feet warm
  • a pair of durable, comfortable shoes such as these by Robeez
  • a chemical-free detergent for washing (or your own homemade blend)

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