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Fabulous Fall Décor: 8 Top Etsy Finds

Autumn is one of the most beautiful times of year. The tableau is ever-changing as we make the transition from summer to winter. Just walking through the park enjoying the vibrant colors of the falling leaves can be a source on inspiration, and that sends many of us on a mission to have our homes to reflect the beauty we see outside. So in the spirit of fall redecoration, here are a few original, hand-crafted pieces from the Etsy community of artists that bring a little bit of that beauty indoors.


Fall Leaf Gourd Bowl

This gorgeous piece is hand-painted with a variety of 15 different leaves, and then the artist wood-burns and carves between the leaves to add depth and dimension to the piece. You can use it to store your favorite fall potpourri, add a candle, or simple place it on a table to enjoy its beauty.


Fall-Inspired Pomander

If you’re looking to add a small touch of Fall to your décor, this fabric flower may be just the thing! A great piece for the living room or home office, you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to use it as an air freshener.


Autumn Wall Decal

Bring the trees inside with this tasteful autumn tree wall decal, available in black, white, and brown. It’s easy to put up for the Autumn season, and take it down when you’re ready for a new look!


Tea Cup Cozy

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From the Organic Authority Files

Add a little color and personality to those drab tea cups with this trendy cozy, which is knitted with eco-friendly yarn and fastened with a stylish button of your choice: wooden bean, wooden triangle, or coconut round.


Autumn Wreathes

There are a wide variety of autumn wreathes available on Etsy, such as the one above from the Sparrow and Vine Design store, where you’ll find four modern and handmade varieties. But if you’re looking for a more rustic feel, I recommend checking out HollyFerencze’s shop.


Autumn Annie

If you’re looking for a classy way to decorate the play room or the baby's room, check out this quirky, hand-sewn doll celebrating the Autumn season!


These adorable, multi-colored felt acorns would make a vibrant table decoration. Plus, acorns are a sign of good luck in some cultures, so you can harness a little good mojo for the house!


Dish Cloth Set

Adorable and useful, this dish cloth set is hand-crotched from 100% cotton. A fun, simple way to add a little personality to the kitchen!

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