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Frame It: 5 Ways to Decorate With Old Windows

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Windows are a whole lot more than just something to look through. They bring in that endorphin-inducing natural light, those simple combinations of glass and wood act as portals to the outside world, and when pulled open, windows can filter refreshing breezes into a stuffy house.

Windows create the perfect semi-transparant separation between you and the outside world. You know you savor that delicious feeling on a dreary day of watching raindrops slide down a window's glass while you snuggle up all warm inside. They create an inviting, cozy home.

Keep those good window vibes going by incorporating (even more!) windows into your home decorating. Salvaged, slightly weather-beaten windows can add vintage texture to a home’s décor. You can also bring some artistic flair to a modern home by mixing in sleek, newly painted windows with your duds. Whatever fits your style.

With a little digging, you can discover old windows or frames at flea markets, antique malls and garage sales. Maybe you even have a few sitting around from a remodel. Check out these five extremely un-pane-ful ideas to window-ize your décor, no remodel required.

1. Headboard

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Amp up the usual blah-blah bed headboard by using old windows to craft your own. Here are a few unconventional ideas:

  • Hang a pair of old windows lengthwise above your bed for a disconnected, eye-catching look.
  • For a more glamorous feel, mount large circular or semi-circle windows above the bed. This will create a real show-stopping headboard.
  • To craft a less dramatic and more artistic look, line several smaller windows in a row or a grid above the bed, or make your own interesting pattern.

2. Mount it

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Keep it simple. Wherever you would hang art or a picture, replace it with an old window frame (with or sans the glass) instead. A salvaged window frame will add more visual interest to a room than just any plain ol’ picture frame. If you’re going for a shabby chic look, don’t repaint the frame. Leave it as is—chipped paint, scratches, nicks and all—for a weather-beaten effect.

3. A better picture frame

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Not into the plain Jane look of your old window just slapped on the wall? Slip your favorite photographs behind the glass to fashion an impromptu picture holder. Displaying old blueprints, maps or vintage photographs inside the glass will complement the look of a shabby, vintage window.

You could also turn an old window into an inspiration or message board by using double-sided tape to pin up to-do lists, magazine cutouts, recipes and other inspiring pieces.

4. Cabinet doors

If you’re in the mood for a more intensive, but completely-worth-it project, turn salvaged windows into repurposed kitchen or bathroom cabinet doors. If you can't find the number of windows you need by scavenging your local flea markets and garage sales, try locating old windows from torn down homes or commercial buildings. Making use of reclaimed windows helps the planet and allows you to craft a completely personalized look for your home. Check for reclaimed building materials in your area.

5. Room divider

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Want a way to separate a large room without completely cutting it off? Create a semi-transparent room divider by attaching three or four same-size windows together using hinges. Then arrange (and rearrange!) your divider wherever you want to corner off an area. You could also hang a large window from the ceiling to create a visual, but not physical barrier.

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