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Freshen Your Home (and Yard) for Fall!

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Inhale, and, oh—ew. The putrid smell wafting from your mudroom is probably a combination of your sweat-stained trail running shoes, crusty pool towels and the cooler you forgot to clean out after the family picnic, which was a month ago.

OK, your place may not be in that bad of shape, but during crazy busy summer days, it's easy to neglect some areas of the home. So, before autumn’s crisp, cool weather hits, take a day (or two) to give your home a thorough scrubbing and yard a much-needed spruce.

Fall cleaning tips for inside your home

The usual suspects: With critical eyes, clean all main room surfaces with a trusted, homemade cleaner. For kitchen and bathroom floors – get on your knees and scrub! Make certain you clean baseboards and scrub between tiles. Give the cleaners an extra kick with peppermint essential oil, which has powerful antibacterial properties.

Got a case of mildew?: Quick and frequent summer showers can lead to shower wear and tear. Make a quick fix, tea tree (two teaspoons) and water (2 cups) cleaner. The solution helps disappear mildew and mold.

Suck it up and clean: Get the vacuum ready because you’re going to need to use it on drapes, window treatments, upholstered furniture, carpets, and behind easily movable appliances. Give all bedding a wash and while the mattress cover is in the wash, turn your mattress front-to-back and end-to-end.

Make sure all appliances are working well: Check washer hoses, the dryer’s exhaust tube and vent, and make certain your furnace is working well. And open and clean those windows! Make certain the windows are ready to be opened at a moments notice once weather cools.

Free the flow: Embrace fall feng shui basics:

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From the Organic Authority Files

“The organizing guidance is rooted in honoring the seasonal changes, clearing out the old and bringing in the new, and as such connects you more deeply to yourself and the natural world around you.” – Care2, "Feng Shui Organizing Fall Tips”

Here are a few of the extra stellar ideas from the article:

  • Clean clutter from the kitchen and clear a place to nourish your family.
  • Embrace warm, autumnal colors and get out fall-hued pillows and blankets.
  • Start a few fall habits, such as getting your car checked and preparing an area for emergency food supplies in case of an unexpected winter storm.

Fall Yard Clean Up

Clean up: Remove dead branches and rotten fruit from the ground. Make certain all beds are thoroughly weeded. Mulch soil to maintain its quality and if you haven’t yet planted for fall, consider moving plants around to maintain garden health and keep pathogens at bay.

Create a compost bin for leaves and grass cuttings, but leave dried flowers, seed heads and other types of ornamental grasses for birds to eat.

Make sure your garden hose is properly drained and give garden tools a wipe down.


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