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Get Creative: 5 Great Online Art Classes

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Get creative with these online art classes.

Are you someone whose idea of fun involves a glue gun or a fresh new sketchbook? Do you feel like there’s always more to learn and do in the world of arts and crafts? Have you ever considered taking an online art class?

The brave new world of the Internet has created so many wonderful opportunities in the way of arts and crafts. Not only YouTube tutorial videos, online handmade marketplaces like Etsy and creative crowd funding sources like Kickstarter, but also online art and craft instruction. Instead of taking a class at the local community college or through your city parks and rec department, it’s possible to get crafty in the comfort of your own home and in your PJs with online art classes.

Art classes designed and created by real artists:

1, Sketchbook Delight Online Class by Artist Alisa Burke

This 5-week class is designed to get you sketching. It’s a back to basics course that both inspires and instructs you in the art of sketching. Find the right tools, develop your process, find your own sketching style and find inspiration. Alisa Burke offers a variety of great classes, so if sketching isn’t for your try one of her online art classes.

2. Mixed Media from the Heart Online Workshop by Artist Danita Art

Explore the world of mixed media painting through this 5-week class. Learn about color and inspiration, backgrounds, art journaling, taking your ideas from the sketchbook to the canvas and how to put it all together. Danita shares her journey through her process in the hopes that it will help you become inspired to develop your own style and process.

3. Interwoven :: make : thread : craft : art Online Course by Artists Lisa Solomon and Katrina Rodabaugh

This course is designed to guide students in four different textile techniques over eight weeks. The techniques include: crochet, soft sculpture, embroidery and quilting. Lisa d Katrina utilizes step-by-step tutorials for technique how-to, inspirational offerings, ideas for how to use these techniques in your art and suggestions for further exploration in this course.

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4. 48 Weeks Online Course by Artist Donna Downey

And for something a lot more intensive, try 48 weeks, a year long comprehensive online course with the goal of empowering artists. The course is designed to focus on allowing each artist’s style to guide them through the creative process, building a strong foundation, improve creative confidence and to develop your own repertoire of techniques.

5. Creative Bug Online Craft Classes & Video Workshops

Creative Bug has a vast catalog of inspiring and informative video workshops from more than 50 artists and craft makers. You can choose to buy course a la carte or purchase a subscription to access their library of classes and workshops. They have hundreds of video classes, new classes are added weekly and they feature projects for all skill levels. Their goal is to be the go-to source for online art classes. Among their instructors you will find big-name creative types like Debbie Stoller, Heather Bailey, Amy Butler and Anna Marie Horner.

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