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3 Great Garden Tools to Build a Luscious Organic Garden


In order to do any high quality, top-notch, one-of-a-kind (we could go on) work, a person needs the right tools! This rings especially true when researching and assembling tools to build an organic garden. If you’re building a new, sustainable garden from scratch, or just looking to add some snazzy new implements to your gardener’s box, do consider the following gardening tools.

Biodegradable Seed Pots

Still have a few seeds you want to start indoors? Consider using the nifty and sustainable PotMaker. The PotMaker is an eco-friendly, hardwood mold that allows a gardener to make their own seed start pots. Simply apply newspaper and shape into small and sturdy biodegradable pots.

Water Can

Sure, you may not think you need a watering can, but inevitably there will come a day when you need to water something that’s out of your trusty hose’s reach. The number one thing to keep in mind when purchasing a watering can? Make certain the can is easy to lift, or at the very least, lift-able when it’s full. One watering can to consider is the Easy-Pour Watering Can by Fiskars. The can has two handles. One handle is traditional and the other handle is hinged, which allows for easy tipping. The can’s tip can be adjusted from a sprinkle to a solid stream, too!

Organic Pest Control and Potting Soil

No garden is pest-free, unfortunately. But planting veggies in nurturing, organic soil and treating plants that are infested with pests or disease-laden with organic garden maintenance products, will safely keep your garden healthy, and plants robust.

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