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5 Holiday Gifts for Under $20


Okay, so our financial woes are not totally over yet. But that doesn't mean we all have to go gift-less this holiday season. There are a number of great eco-friendly holiday gift ideas around $20 or less that are thoughtful and practical. I don't know about you, but when I think of gifts, I usually try to get something I know people wouldn't buy for themselves, but would still absolutely love.

It may seem like everyone has reusables with them at all times, but unfortunately, it's not the case. Reusable items make the ideal gift for the die-hard ecophiles or the newbies. These are some great inexpensive ideas:

  • A sturdy tote bag can cost just a few bucks, and there are bazillions to choose from. If you've tired of the granola-lover cloth bag, check out Baggu. They make adorable, stylish, hide-in-your-purse bags under $10 each.
  • Upgrade that PB&J by gifting reusable sandwich bags from Lunchskins. They got the Oprah bump for good reason. The food-safe fabric can go right in the dishwasher and save thousands of sandwich baggies from ending up in landfills. They have snack sizes too — all for under $20.
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From the Organic Authority Files

  • A reusable water bottle is like a great purse — you can never have just one. The Vapur bottle is terrific because it's not clunky like a Sigg and it actually folds up when empty. It's a BPA-free plastic and comes in small and large sizes.
  • Do the reuse and reduce freaks in your life have reusable produce bags? Probably not. While cities are banning single use grocery bags from use at the check out, produce bags are still widespread. Cut down on the dependency of flimsy produce bags with durable, washable and reusable bulk food bags. These bags, made by Kootsac, are awesome and adorable. Use for veggies, nuts, seeds, grains and spices. Get a few of each for under $20. 
  • In the spirit of reducing, help your lucky giftee get off another painful addiction: paper. PeopleTowels make organic cotton reusable hand towels that you can throw in your purse, pocket or clip to that water bottle. Keep your hands dry and avoid all the ickies in public restrooms by using your own towels. A variety of designs plus a carry sack are yours for under $20. 

Of course, there's also the abundantly thoughtful idea of making your gifts. Plus, DIY is just downright fun and inexpensive. We've got how tos for Ayurvedic Bath Salts and Handmade Soaps, with more in the works. 

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