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Tutorial: Two-Ingredient Homemade Deodorant that Works!

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There is a drawer in my bathroom that is stuffed full of different natural deodorants. Some have worked reasonably well, others, not so much. My quest for an effective eco-friendly deodorant has been a long, expensive one. Until recently! I started playing around with making my own deodorant to save a little money, and I've finally settled on a simple recipe for homemade deodorant that works.

Conventional store-bought deodorant is bad news. It's full of mystery ingredients, some of which are unhealthy for you and for the environment. A common ingredient in normal deodorants is triclosan. It makes perfect sense, right? Triclosan is a powerful antibacterial, and bacteria makes you stinky. The trouble is, triclosan is linked to health problems in humans, and overuse of this antibacterial is breeding resistant bacteria, which is a huge public health concern. No, thank you!

The alternatives to chemical-filled conventional deodorant are buying expensive organic deodorant or making your own. If you're working on a budget, going DIY can help keep you and the planet healthier. The best part about this recipe? It's only got two ingredients, and chances are you already have both of them in your pantry. Ready to make your own batch of homemade deodorant? Here's how!

Homemade Deodorant Recipe

This recipe calls for essential oils, and this is where you can customize your homemade deodorant a little bit, so have fun with it! My recommendation is to use at least 5-10 drops of an oil that has antiseptic or antibacterial properties. For my deodorant, I combined 9 drops of rosemary (an antibacterial) with 11 drops of patchouli, for an earthy scent. Other good oils for your homemade deodorant include: tea tree, lavender, oregano, geranium, and lemon. If you have sensitive skin, try adding something soothing, like chamomile.


  • 1/4 cup baking soda
  • 20 drops of essential oil


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From the Organic Authority Files

  • small glass jar with a wide top - I used a tiny Mason jar that used to hold preserves. You want to be able to get to the deodorant, so don't choose something with a pour top.
  • 1/4 cup measuring spoon
  • funnel (optional)
  • butter knife or small spoon
  • wash cloth


1. Measure your baking soda carefully into the jar. If you're having trouble pouring it in without getting it everywhere, grab that funnel.

2. Drop in the essential oils.

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3. Use your butter knife to stir everything thoroughly, being sure to get any lumps out. The oil is going to want to clump up into balls with the baking soda, so squish those down and make sure you stir them in well. The resulting texture will be a little bit crumbly.

To apply your deodorant, use a dry wash cloth. Dip it into the jar, then gently pat it onto your armpits. This works best right out of the shower, but I've used this homemade deodorant mid-day without any problems, too. If you're wearing a dark top or a tank top, wait a few minutes before you put your top on, and use the clean side of the wash cloth to pat off any excess baking soda - you don't want white powder on your pits!

Have you guys found any easy, effective homemade deodorant recipes? I love trying new deodorants, so let's share recipes in the comments!

Image Credits: Photos by Becky Striepe

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