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How to Clean Your House for the Holidays

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The holidays are almost here. From the week before Thanksgiving to the end of December , everything will become a tinsely blur of events, shopping, and cooking before you know it. Once everything starts to kick into high gear, you may be tempted to let the appearance of your home slide. Please, for your own sanity – don’t. Ensure that your home stays in top condition during the holidays by following these four, simple steps on how to clean your house for the holidays.

How to Clean Your House for the Holidays

1. Clean Out the Clutter

Whether you plan on erecting the shiniest, most sparkle-filled Christmas tree on the block, or merely plan on covering your walls with homey winter décor, you’ve got to make ample room for those holiday additions. Move around your furniture and put away all the excess throw pillows. Move out anything that doesn’t fit with your holiday color scheme. (Your favorite pink throw blanket can make an appearance again in February.) Just remember that busy, non-coordinating styles can really distract from the beauty of your decorations.

2. Do a Deep Clean for the Holidays Now, Not Later

Everyone wants their home to look clean and fresh come Thanksgiving. But really, who has time to do a deep house cleaning the week of Thanksgiving? No one. So, this coming weekend, roll up your sleeves and get out the bucket and sponges. Make sure you clean the floor boards, the tile behind your kitchen sink, and the fronts of all your appliances – basically, clean everything you normally gloss over. You can give your house a second go around the weekend after Thanksgiving to make sure everything is in great shape for December festivities.

3. Look Up Holiday Recipes Now

If you’re anything like me, you want to dazzle your holiday guests with new killer recipes. So, take a weekend afternoon and visit all of your favorite foodie websites (including this site, duh) and bookmark and pin all the dishes you want to try. If you’re in need of a few suggestions to get you going, check out OA’s recipe for pecan pie and holiday sangria.

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4. Keep Up on Chores. Organize, Label, and Organize More

While you only really need to do a deep cleaning a few times over the holidays, it’s important to keep up on little household chores and tasks. Don’t neglect your recycling, and don’t let yard work get out of hand. Also: Once you buy gifts, put ‘em away. Make sure all your wrapping paper and wrapping tools are in an easy to access, clean place, too. Heaven knows you’ll be using these tools a lot in the coming weeks.

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