Make this Egg Shell Garden for Easter

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I’m willing to wager two organic dark chocolate Easter bunnies that most of you are going to use many eggs over Easter weekend. Instead of tossing all your egg shells in the compost (which is a splendid idea, really), put aside some of the shells and make an egg crate garden.

What you need

  • A dozen free-range eggs
  • Seeds
  • Soil

If you aren’t sure what types of seeds to go with, herbs and flowers work well. Also: if possible, use heirloom and organic seeds, and organic, healthy soil.


  • Empty the eggshells by using a knife and lightly tapping the shell around the top of the egg. Take your fingers to get the top off.
  • Rinse out the cracked eggshells and put the shells back in the egg carton.
  • Use a spoon to scoop soil into the bottom of every eggshell and sprinkle the seeds into the eggshells.
  • Make an eggshell garden chart so you don’t forget what is where.
  • Cover seeds with more soil.
  • The seeds should start to sprout in a few weeks.

From the Organic Authority Files

You can make just one of these small gardens for yourself, or make a few and place the gardens in your friends and family’s Easter baskets! They are a great alternative to sugar-laden sweets.

If you have to crack a few extra eggs than you had originally planned (we all can’t make the perfect shell container at first), here are a few egg recipes to use those excess eggs in:

Organic Egg Salad Recipe

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