Mexico Vacation Meets Wellness Retreat at Muluk Spa at Hotel Xcaret

Tranquility awaits on your next Mexico vacation to Muluk Spa at Hotel Xcaret Mexico in Riviera Maya. Read on to discover all this wellness retreat has to offer from exquisite food crafted by celebrity plant-based Chef Miguel Bautista, to 20+ spa treatments, to jungle treks to awaken the spirit.

Image of Mexico vacation wellness resort outside lobby with tropical local plantlife and bright white paved walkway, and a blue sky in the background.

Imagine a sensual watery spa escape opening upon natural limestone caves with a celestial blue green river running through it. This is Muluk Spa at Hotel Xcaret Mexico. Built into a cenote, it’s sacred space for Mayan healing and wellness. The ancient word Muluk represents a drop of water which is the ninth Mayan horoscope sign and is integral in traditional therapies.

Today this holistic Mayan-inspired spa with eco-integrated architecture offers traditional treatments, wellness journeys, yoga, sound baths, and blessing ceremonies. Surrender to the elements of nature as you journey back to healing and wholeness.

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Dreamy Mexico Vacation Meets Wellness Retreat

Image of Mexico vacation wellness resort outside lobby with tropical local plantlife and bright white paved walkway, and a blue sky in the background.

From the moment you enter, Muluk Spa feels like a dream as the sky, cenote, jungle, and the limestone cliffs welcome you. Your personal spa concierge leads you across stone stairs floating in a stream to a luxurious dressing room. Before your treatment sway on a floating day bed overlooking the blue cenote. Enjoy the Wellness Bar brimming with fresh fruits, sweets, and unique Mayan herbal tea and fruit infusions. Or begin your transformation with a hydrotherapy ritual — sauna, hot and cold jacuzzi, emotional shower, and infinity pool.

Your therapist guides you through a series of tunnels to one of 21 treatment rooms carved into the natural stone creating a comforting, grounding effect. The signature spa room is a private sanctuary that overlooks the cenote with a private soaking tub.

In This Spa Vacation, You Choose Your Wellness Journey

Image of wellness retreat in Mexico, 4 stories of balconies that open up to water and a wild Mexican jungle. The building has interesting characteristics, such as stacked stone with plants hanging down.

Whether it’s a salt soak, mud bath — or one of its ritual treatments, you’ll experience the benefits of traditional ingredients from honey, cacao, clay, corn or seaweed during your treatment. Choose your transformation journey through renewing or purifying rituals and restoring body treatments. Before treatment, your therapist offers a choice of fragrant traditional herbs that are infused throughout the room.

The Ksakir Facial heals and beautifies your skin with purifying clay from the Yucatan. While the Corn and Cacao Exfoliation treatment restores sun kissed skin leaving it smooth, hydrated, and supple. For a detox, the Tropical Kelp Exfoliation eliminates toxins from the skin. Ayurvedic treatments and massage are also on the menu to relax the mind and body. Or treat yourself to a four hands massage where two practitioners completely relax your body head to toe.

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A Spa Retreat for Spiritual Awakening

For deep transformation, experience the Temazcal journey in the jungle. This ritual originated in preHispanic Mesoamerica and takes place in a structure that represents the maternal womb. A rebirthing ceremony, first a Shamaness or Shaman dressed in ceremonial clothing clears your energy with sage and honors all the directions. Inside the Temazcal, it’s dark and hot heated by stones. During the time you’re inside — about ninety minutes — you’ll experience ancient practices to purify the body of toxins, set intentions, and meditate. You’re invited to review your life where you may have been blocked and release it through prayer. Emerging from the Temazcal, you are reborn.

Wellness Vacation Means Wellness Cuisine

Image of a beach with a natural stone building beneath palms and open to the elements. Inside, you view a cozily lit dining situation and relaxed diners, as is to be expected of a wellness retreat on a beach in Mexico.

Hotel Xcaret Mexico itself mirrors your experience at Muluk Spa. The resort’s impossibly blue waterways run through jungles. White sand beaches are dotted with hammocks, lounge chairs and curated chill spots. Hotel Xcaret Mexico is a master at creating experiences — one is unique to the next.

Follow the river to The Coves where you’ll discover BIO, a plant-based restaurant unlike any other. Dine on a sandy shore under a natural cave with pristine aquamarine water views. BIO is a gastronomic experience, something like out of a dream. Led by celebrity plant-based Chef Miguel Bautista, each dish is a beautiful expression of Riviera Maya’s bounty of tropical fruits and fragrant and spicy Mayan cuisine.

Image of a cozily lit dining experience in a cave-like environment open to the elements and lush greenery of this Mexican wellness retreat.
The delicious fare at this wellness retreat is like none other, thanks to the exquisite craft of Chef Bautista.

Chef Bautista explains how live cooking at Bio makes each dish incredibly nutritious – vibrating with enzymes and energy that interact with our body’s chemistry to create a healing vibrant source of energy. Dining this way makes you feel lighter and younger, he asserts. Everything is made fresh by hand — even the condiments.

Think divine Acai bowls (here’s how to make your own acai bowl, too), velvety banana bread, cacao and cinnamon bowls, and vegan Nutella pancakes for breakfast. Or try Mexican breakfast favorites like the savory quesadilla or red chilaquiles. Lunch is famous for raw coconut ceviche, roasted beet salad, avocado pizza, its signature BIO burger with grilled pineapple, and tacos al pastor with oyster mushroom. 

Each dish is plated as color art and served in gorgeous natural tableware. Don’t miss the mouthwatering smoothie menu and stop at the nearby juice bar built into the caves alongside the shimmering river. Sip on watermelon juice (homemade watermelon agua fresca anyone?) with purple basil, blue lemonade with spirulina (the health benefits of spirulina and chlorella are pretty ah-mazing!), and coconut horchata.

At Hotel Xcaret Mexico, Spa Muluk, and BIO there are many paths back to wellness. It’s easy to feel one with nature here, because nature and our connection to it has always come first.