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Natural Crib Mattress Giveaway



Babies are bound to happen. Despite their uber-cuteness, they're kind of like little demanding tyrants: feeding all the time, multiple outfit changes throughout the day and then there's all the napping and constant entertainment they require. Are you prepared? Of course you're not. But that's ok, Organic Authority and Essentia Mattresses are here to help.

One lucky Organic Authority reader will win Essentia's La-La Natural Crib Mattress, the world’s first and only Natural Memory Foam crib mattress. Wouldn't this be perfect for your little one? It also makes a generous and thoughtful gift for the holiday season, especially if someone close to you is a new parent.

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From the Organic Authority Files

The La-La crib mattress features Essentia’s patented natural memory foam wrapped in a certified organic unbleached cotton cover. It is safe, healthy and creates a dreamy, comfortable sleep environment for your precious little ones. The specially designed mattress keeps your baby’s body free of pressure points. This allows their circulation to move more freely, supporting healthier development and sounder sleep (your husband will love that most of all). We also love that there's no stinky chemical odors or off gassing for your baby to absorb and breathe the 14-18 hours they sleep per day. The mattress is a $479 value, but making sure your little bundle of joy is resting in the best possible environment is priceless.

You can learn more about this amazing mattress on Essentia's Web site.

To enter the contest, simply follow these three steps:

  • Sign up for the newsletter
  • "Like" the contest giveaway on our Facebook page
  • And then leave a comment on the Facebook contest page as to why you want this Essentia Crib Mattress

See, I told you it was simple. Now go practice changing diapers. Good luck!

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