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An Organic Pet Parent's Dream


The term "pet parent" has got a lot of use over the last few years. With pet food scares in the latter 00s to murky pet food labels, pet owners have become very hyper-vigilant about pet supplies and food. Animal lovers everywhere can start to rejoice, though. Many pet food, supply, toy, bedding and care companies use organic material, non-toxic dyes and natural ingredients.

Organic and Sustainable Pet Bedding

Your pet probably gets more sleep than you do! Because your pet spends so much time catching z’s, it's smart to invest in a pet bed made from quality materials, such as organic cotton and wool.

In the sustainable pet bed realm: West Paw Design recently launched its 2011 fall/winter line of pet beds. Here’s a bit of information about the company’s eco-friendly bedding:

“Bumper Beds are filled with recycled IntelliLoft®—a material created from reclaimed plastic soda bottles that have been turned into a soft and durable fill. Each Bumper Bed uses up to 108 plastic bottles, and to date West Paw Design has helped to divert more than 5.4 million bottles from landfills by using IntelliLoft in its pet beds and plush dog toys.”

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From the Organic Authority Files

Organic Pet Food and Natural Dog Treats

Your pet is only as healthy as what you put in his/her bowl. Companies, such as Natura Pet and Newman’s Own Organic, use USDA organic products in pet food and treat lines.

Organic Pet Toys

Your pet probably enjoys playing with anything it can get its choppers on. Cut down on the amount of unknown substances your pet ingests by giving your cat or dog organic pet toys. Most organic pet toys are made with organic fibers, such as organic cotton, organic wool and organic hemp. Other companies, such as, use no synthetic or reprocessed plastics, dyes or toxins, and are sustainable and fair trade certified. West Paw Design also has developed a 100% recyclable, non-toxic pet toy called Twiz. It’s guaranteed against dog damage and made in the United States.

Organic Pet Shampoo

Let’s face it. Fido can smell a little ripe at times. A few companies, such as Vermont Soap Organics, carry Organic Pet Shampoo that's made with organic essential oils. The shampoo also is free of petroleum and animal by-products.

Don’t have a Pet? Adopt!

This is quite possibly the greenest thing you can do: Adopt a rescue. Many animal shelters, such as the Human Society, are overrun with great animals that are longing for a new home. Adopting also takes business away from puppy mills and uncertified breeders.

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