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Not Your Grandma’s Embroidery Patterns: A Modern Twist on an Old Craft

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A modern take on embroidery patterns.

Embroidery brings to mind images of grandmother’s and of 19th century embroidered samplers. As a craft, embroidery has been making a comeback though. Your grandmother might not even recognize today’s embroidery patterns as that craft she learned in her youth.

What is embroidery?

Embroidery is a type of handicraft that comes under the umbrella of needlecraft. It involves making intricate stitches on fabric using a needle and thread (or yarn) to create a pattern or scene. The craft of embroidery is both ancient and can be found across all cultures.

There are different types of embroidery--cross stitch, crewel , needlepoint, whitework, blackwork and more--that fall under the larger categories of counted stitch or free embroidery. Embroidery techniques employ a variety of basic stitches, like the running stitch, cross stitch and chain stitch among others.

One of the great things about embroidery as a craft is that is that it is fairly easy for beginners to pick up. Of course, that doesn’t mean it is easy; embroidery can be as simple or as challenging as you choose to make it.

Embroidery Patterns and Kits To Get You Started

Another great thing about today's embroidery is it’s possible to find all kinds of patterns and kits online. Some folks are talented enough to create their own patterns and designs, but most of us need the inspiration of a pattern to guide us. Gone are the days when my grandmother went to the sewing store and picked out a pattern from a meager selection of benign countryside scenes. Today’s embroidery pattern options are just downright exciting to those of us who like crafts.

Here’s a roundup of some patterns that are both great for beginners and also not quite your grandmother’s embroidery. Some of these patterns are transfer patterns, meaning you iron them onto fabric, and some are just guides that you can trace onto your fabric.

Mushroom embroidery patterns.

Western Fly Agaric Mushrooms Crewel Kit - Magic Mushrooms using the crewel technique.

Modern embroidery patterns.

I Love Books Pattern - Show your love for books and embroidery.

Modern look at embroidery patterns.
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From the Organic Authority Files

Woodland Creatures Patterns - Choose from a variety of woodland creatures with this iron-on pattern.

Moder sampler embroidery patterns.

Awesomesauce Kit - How awesome is this modern version of a sampler? There’s lots more risque options at Sublime Stitching.

Cute embroidery patterns.

Deer Girl and Bird PDF Pattern - And for something a little quirky, try this sweet pattern.

Japanese style embroidery patterns.

Sashiko Sampler Pattern - Another modern take on the sampler. Sashiko is a type of embroidery from Japan.

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