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Online Image Hosting And 5 More Digital Photo Solutions

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Once upon a time, our photographic memories were printed on paper and stored in albums. Now, with the culture shifting to digital photos, we need new options for storage and display of our visual memories. Explore online image hosting, and a variety of other DIY solutions for your favorite digital photos.

As a child, I remember going through my grandmother’s old photo albums. It was truly a study in photography and photographic storage history as her photos spanned back to about the 1880s. There were old daguerreotypes, Carte de Visite, cabinet cards, early 35mm photos, the first color photos and even polaroids. They were stored in all manner of ways, but mostly in old shoe boxes and albums. My favorite albums were the ones that you peeled those plastic sheets to affix the photos.

We’ve honestly come a long way since then as most of us use digital cameras and online image hosting to keep our photos secure. Digital photography has its challenges too though. Here are six creative ideas for display and storage of those precious pixels.

6 Ways to Display Digital Photos

There is a growing trend for people to only share photos online and a move away from traditional printed photographs. I think this trend is leaving our homes empty feelint though--I feel that our houses and apartments need photographs to help make them a home. So, don’t forget to get your digital photos printed!

There are many online services, so you don’t even need to leave your home. Printic and Printasgram are two popular mobile apps that can help with this, and even CVS and Walgreens offer mobile apps for printing directly from your smartphone or tablet.

1. Clothesline Them

Hang printed digital photos on twine with clothespins for a more modern way to display snapshots around a room.

2. Display Board

Another modern take on photo display is to create an inspiration board from a corkboard to show off your latest digital prints.

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3. Posterize Them

Framed 8x10’s are so old-school--manipulate your photos in Photoshop, or with other photo editing software, and supersize your digital photos for a real photographic statement.

4. Coffee Table Photo Memory Book 

Photo albums are so passe, but a memory/scrapbook containing photos and other ephemera is the way to create a wonderful coffee table display of your latest trip or to share pictures of the kids.

5. Digital Photo Frames

The display quality of digital frames has greatly improved, since they were first introduced, and they can be a great way to show off your latest digital photographs without the added expense of printing.

6. Online Image Hosting

As far as storage solutions, the best way to store photos is to keep them digital. Store them on a hard drive, external hard drive, thumb or USB drive or with an online image hosting service. The key is to choose two of those storage options, so you always have a backup in case one fails. If you share your photos via an online image hosting service like Flickr or Picasa, you can easily choose to share them with family and friends without printing, so it's doubly efficient.

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