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The Heart of Feng Shui


When I first heard that the stove was one of the most powerful tools used in the ancient practice of Feng Shui, I thought it sounded pretty crazy. My stove? How could that possibly affect my health, wealth and relationships? Turns out after 13 years of study and consulting clients, I have not only recognized its potency – I have been humbled by it.

According to Feng Shui, there are three power points referred to as the Three Pillars. They are the front door, the stove and the bed. Each of these relates to the success (or lack thereof) we experience in life. The front door is like our mouth. Just as we need to inhale fresh air, eat healthy foods and drink enough liquid to sustain a thriving human body - the front door has to inhale, draw in and attract opportunity into our life. It’s the gateway where we greet our lives and our lives greet us. The stove is our energy generator. It takes all the vital energy of the home and keeps it pumping and flowing. Much like the heart in our bodies or the engine in our cars. Finally, the bed is the closest thing to us and we spend a third of our lives in it. The closer something is to our physical body, the greater affect it has on our life.

Since the stove is where we nourish ourselves, cook meals for family and friends and it’s housed in one of the most trafficked rooms in the home (the kitchen), let’s talk about a few ways to consciously connect to it:

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From the Organic Authority Files

Bring opportunities from all angles by utilizing all the burners on the stove. Most of us get stuck using the front two, back two or side two burners. This is like trying to drive 80mph with a V2 engine. Not going to happen. Rotate use of the burners from day to day. And if you’re having a big dinner party – fire ‘em all up and get your chi flowing.

Clear up stuck energy by cleaning the stove. One of the things I detest is cleaning. However, when I crack out a few of my favorite green cleaning products, turn on some fun music and have at it with the stove; my life always moves forward in unexpected ways. Make sure you get the often forgotten areas to the sides and behind the stove too.

Embrace and face your life. It’s a rare kitchen that has a stove positioned where you can see the kitchen door while standing at the stove. When our back is to our life, it’s very challenging to see what’s coming whether it’s good or bad. An easy way to turn things around is by placing a mirror on the wall or backsplash behind the stove. If this is impossible, you can hang a Feng Shui crystal from the ceiling in front of the stove to expand your health and wealth.

Deborah Kagan is a Mojo Recovery Specialist. She helps people tap into their innate power to make more money, reduce stress and create thriving relationships. Her clients have experienced 7-figure incomes, stronger health, better sex and greater self-esteem. For more information about creating a home that supports “Healing the Planet – One Space at a Time™” visit SACRED INTERIORS and receive your complimentary report.

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