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The Review Is In: Organic Pet Boutique Gets 3 Woofs


The Organic Pet Boutique was founded by pet owners who, after hearing the slew of alerts and recalls from pet food companies, became concerned about the chemicals their dogs were ingesting. They were eating organic, so why couldn’t their two Shih Tzu rescues Caesar and Milo do the same? When they didn’t find a website or store specializing in organic products for dogs, they decided to start their own! Most recently, they launched their own line of organic dog treats.

What makes these treats special? They are free of corn, wheat and soy. They include only organic ingredients that you can pronounce and never add preservatives, parabens or EDTA. When I opened up the bags for the Blueberry Energy Dog Snaps and the Organic Peanut Butter and Honey Dog Biscuits, I could smell the difference. They had a scent that’s comparable to homemade cookies for humans. I wanted to eat one myself!

Of course, that’s just the human perspective. What about the canine point-of-view? My pups Lady and Darby put these treats to the test, and they felt these snacks were worth begging for! The treats are crunchy, so they’re not recommended for senior dogs that are missing teeth or may have trouble chewing. But any other pup – big or small – will appreciate (and devour) these tasty treats.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Want to make treats on your own, but don’t have the time? The Organic Pet Boutique also offers easy Bake-At-Home treats in two flavors: Organic Double Carob Chip and Cheddar Peanut. Just add water, eggs and oil.

I also recommend checking out their chew toys by SimplyFido, which withstood my dogs’ instinct to destroy for longer than your average toy. The materials are colored by nature and 100% certified non-toxic, so I didn’t have to worry about what chemicals they might be ingesting as they chew.

Find these treats, toys, and more at or call 888-443-9222.



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