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Don't Waste Your E-Waste: A Recycling Guide for Electronics


Okay, who’s willing to admit you asked for an iPhone 4S for the holidays even though there’s a perfectly fine iPhone 4 residing in your tote? We’re all guilty of coveting new technology this time of year... but make sure you recycle your old stuff. While recycling or finding homes for old iPods, phones and computers used to be a drag, it’s no longer so difficult, at all. A myriad of organizations, businesses and companies can help you find a place to recycle or re-purpose your electronic lifeline of yesteryear.

Why It’s So Important to Recycle

Yes, you know you should recycle and re-purpose old technology. Here are a few facts behind the reasoning, though:

“75% of the fossil fuels and energy used by a computer are actually consumed during manufacturing. Extending the computer's lifespan through reuse means more return on that initial environmental cost.

Every computer dumped into a landfill represents a missed opportunity to provide technology and tools to individuals and organizations across the digital divide.

Even if a computer cannot be reused, recycling ensures that valuable raw materials are recovered from used computers and that any waste is disposed of in an environmentally sound fashion.”

source: techsoup

Kind of jarring, right? Proper waste disposal is really important here. The need for technology "waste" recycling programs is obvious.

From the Organic Authority Files

Where Can I Recycle?

Luckily, the Environmental Protection Agency is on top of this situation. The Association has a comprehensive list containing information on where people can recycle old electronics. 

Also, some companies (like Apple) have information on their site about how to recycle old computers.

Find a Program that Can Use Old Technology

Can you imagine how tough your life would be without your trusty laptop or smart phone? Thousands of people don’t have personal devices. This makes job searching, personal research and educational research extremely difficult. Help bridge the digital gap by donating your old computers and devices to organizations that are dedicated to recycling technology. One example: (Computer Recycling Center).

How Can You Help?

Organize a recycling event at your school, kid’s school, apartment complex, etc. Just make certain you know where to take the items and that the items will be recycled properly. (Also: make sure everyone who’s participating in the event knows how to wipe their hard drives and phones of personal information. Here are some tips on how to wipe a PC and a Mac.)


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