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SproutRobot Makes Growing A Garden Easy, Like Really Easy


You're really, truly, honestly going to grow a garden this year. Growing herbs and vegetables sounds easy enough, and the prospect of cutting your grocery costs sounds wonderful... You seem confident, so, perhaps it’s time for the “are you ready to grow a garden” pop quiz: Do you know when you're supposed to plant seed starts? When you’re supposed to take tomatoes outside if you live in the Midwest? Do you know what seeds will thrive in the climate you live in? If your answers are a bit iffy, don't worry. SproutRobot is here to help.

SproutRobot is a nifty Internet service that helps gardeners figure out how and when to plant seeds. The Emeryville, CA, company serves burgeoning gardeners through creating personalized planting calendars, and sending newbie green-thumbs organic, heirloom seeds. Here's what the Robot is all about:

"You tell us where your garden is and what you want to grow. SproutRobot makes your personalized planting calendar. When it's time to plant, we mail your seeds and/or send you an e-mail." Pretty simple, right?

Getting started is easy. Simply enter your zip code and SproutRobot will direct to a page with detailed, week-to-week instructions concerning what to plant, and when.

Seed subscription packages include:

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From the Organic Authority Files

Patio Garden: for a few pots on a patio or deck. Three kinds of veggies. $19.99 a year.

Small Garden: for a full, 8-foot bed. Six kinds of veggies. $39.99 a year.

Family Garden: for three, 10-foot beds. Ten kinds of veggies. $59.99 a year

All seeds are mailed whenever it’s time to plant! And you don't need to purchase a seed subscription package to view your personalized garden planner.

Source: SproutRobot

Image: stevendepolo

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