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The New Bedroom Essentia: Natural Memory Foam for the Whole Family


Our bedrooms are sacred spaces within our homes. If we're lucky, we spend 6-8 hours everyday within their comfy confines, making it one of the most important places to create a healthy space. And if you are a parent with little ones, it's even more important to create a healthy bedroom to protect those underdeveloped immune systems.

Imagine this: you've just bought a cool new memory foam mattress topper you think will breathe new life into your shabby sleeper. The day it's delivered, you immediately make the bed with your favorite comfy sheets, hop on it, roll around, and basque in its coziness. When you return to your room a few hours later to get ready for bed, you notice a strange smell that's lingering in the room (and it's not a good smell!). You do some investigation and discover your new high tech memory foam mattress is stinking up the room and off-gassing chemicals that shouldn't be inhaled or absorbed by anyone!

This was my experience years ago before I got into green and healthy living. I had no idea this new memory foam topper was made of petrochemicals and other unhealthy ingredients that would off-gas and absorb into my body! In fact, there are many things in our homes that create an indoor air pollution problem - carpet, paint, furniture, wall paper and more can all off-gas toxic chemicals if you aren't wise in your choices.

Today before I bring something home, I am careful to do some due diligence on the product. Yes, it can take a little more work to ask questions and uncover exactly what's in a product, but our health is worth it (and I hope you feel the same way!).

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From the Organic Authority Files

Recently I came across the world's first natural memory foam products for the bedroom made by Essentia. This intrigued me, because I knew if this product was the real deal it would make bedrooms and homes a whole heck of a lot healthier. I thought a natural memory foam that's free of stinky petro-chemicals, glues, adhesives, perfumes and deodorizers (these are just a few of the unhealthy ingredients found in conventional mattresses) that slowly make us sick - can it be so? So, I started doing some research on Essentia's products and I was quite impressed with what I found.

Essentia is the first memory foam manufacturer I've discovered that lists all of their ingredients on the product, so you know exactly what's in it (ahh, full transparency). It is rare to find any bed manufacturer that reveals all of the ingredients used to make a product. This healthy alternative is made from rubber tree sap and combined with organic essential oils, plant extracts and water. In fact you can view their whole ingredient list against other manufacturers on their website. Their products are hypoallergenic and great for allergy and asthma sufferers. And available for all members of your family - including Fido. 

In fact, I was so impressed with Essentia and their products, I decided to become a brand ambassador. Many companies claim their products are eco-friendly by using ingredients like soy or bamboo, but they may not be telling you everything - like what percentage of their mattress is actually made up of soy or bamboo and exactly what else is in it (think ingredient list). In fact, some of these products are still off-gassing a funky smell because they are still using chemical ingredients (which isn't healthy for anyone to be absorbing every night). And much of the soy used comes from genetically modified soy. So remember to do your research and ask questions!

You can also check out our video on Essentia's natural memory foam pillows

image: Essentia

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