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The Real Reason You Never Know What to Wear (and Hate Everything in Your Closet)

The Real Reason You Never Know What to Wear (and Hate Everything in Your Closet)

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Once upon a time, deciding what to wear was by far the most stressful part of my day. I used to stand in front of my closet in one of those “high noon” stances, glaring at every piece of clothing and lecturing myself with the same inner monologue: “What the eff were you thinking when you bought this crap? Were you drunk? You must’ve been drunk. Ugh, just pick whatever. You’re going to look like a 'before' picture anyway.”

It's a feeling you probably know all too well—and sometimes, the harder you try to fix the problem, the worse it gets: You reorganize your closet, but organization doesn't change the fact that your clothes are blasé with a side of ew. You buy a few new items to jazz things up, but once mixed in with the rest of your duds, they quickly lose their luster. And as tempting as it is to toss your shopping sins in a pile and light them on fire, you know that in just a few short trips to the mall you'll be right back where you started.

Enter exasperated sigh here.

Why You Never Know What to Wear

So how exactly did your wardrobe turn into a steaming pile of... well, you know? Take your pick:

1. You haven't tossed anything since leg warmers were a thing.
There's repurposing, and then there's hoarding.

2. Most of your clothes don't fit properly.
But you keep them because they might one day, or they're too comfy to resist.

3. Impulse buys.
With the tags still on, natch.

4. "They're ugly, but they cost a fortune!"
The only people who can get away with wearing ugly—albeit designer—clothes are celebrities. When we regular folk do it, it looks like we're having some sort of psychotic break. And because deep down we know this, we don't just waste money on the atire, but closet space keeping it.

5. You have no idea what to replace them with.
You've yet to define your personal style, and you're paranoid the second you get rid of your boyfriend shirt and torn jeans, you're going to realize you're a hipster.

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From the Organic Authority Files

All of these crazy clothing habits boil down to one thing: You don't know what to wear because your clothes reflect the person (or people) you're trying to be, and not the person you are. It’s like buying the low-cal version of your favorite dessert: You can try to convince yourself it tastes the same, but deep down you know better.

How to Start Dressing Your Truth

If you want to define your personal style once and for all, Dressing Your Truth® is the only first step. It's an educational program developed by Carol Tuttle that helps you discover—and rock—your unique Type of beauty.

You start by watching the free Beauty Profiling® online videos, where you learn about the 4 Energy Types and decide which one best describes you. (I took the course last year, and learning I’m a TYPE 4℠ woman was one of those cathartic moments where the lightbulb turns on, the clouds part, the volcano erupts… well, you get the idea.)

Once you know what your dominant Energy Type is, you go on to choose the Dressing Your Truth course for your Type of beauty. The course teaches you the dos and don’ts of dressing based on your true nature, and includes the best design lines, textures, fabrications, patterns, and colors for your Energy Type. You’re also taught which jewelry, makeup, and hairstyles to accessorize with for a complete H2T look that’s 100 percent you. (Wasting money on fashion fails is so last season.)

For me, the best part of taking the Dressing Your Truth course has been the aftermath. I no longer wonder what to wear. I love everything in my closet. I don’t feel bad that I can’t keep up with the latest trends, because trends don’t matter—being timeless does. And now that I’m no longer influenced by fashion magazines or store window displays or articles that tell you what’s “supposed to be” in your wardrobe, the money I save from not falling prey to fast fashion is being put to much better use—like buying my favorite full-cal desserts.

Start your own style revolution by checking out the free Beauty Profiling online videos. Seriously, your closet is begging you.

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