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7 Tips to Throw a Spooky Halloween Soirée

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Halloween is the most party-worthy holiday of all time. Even if you’re not the horror-loving, costume-donning type, it’s fun (or at the very least, entertaining) to venture out on Halloween and take in the spooks all your bud’s have come up with.

We’ve concocted an easy-to-follow list of items to help get you in the mood to throw the most spook-tastic Halloween party of all time that also, coincidentally, has a lower environmental impact.

1. Make the costume party a creative one (aka DIY)

On those oh-so-creative and lovely homemade invitations you sent out (or Evite – totally green option, too), request that guests make their own costumes, or concoct costumes from stuff they already own. For example: I’m a fan of dressing like deceased female writers. I just grab one of my vintage outfits, powder my face to become extra pale and get that fresh, “just asphyxiated” look, and voila – instant Sylvia Plath. 

2. Turn the lights low

Halloween is the most excellent time of year to cut back on energy consumption. You can get away with turning most lights down low, or off, and lightening candles instead. Punch up the eco-factor by using beeswax or soy candles.

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3. Get creepy-creative with treats

I recently ran across this article that details how to make albino black widow spider deviled eggs. This party treat is uber-creepy looking and looks like it tastes fabulous, too. Other tasty Halloween party treats include mini jack-o-lanterns (made from navel oranges and filled with fruit salad), Halloween cocktails (Seven Sins sounds spectacular) and dark chocolate treats (great for your body, and bonus: they up your sex drive. And seriously – it’s better to seduce your mate by chocolate rather than dressing as the go-to, prepackaged “sexy whatever.”)

4.Spooky sounds

Make a spooky playlist filled with Halloween party music. My go-to band is Dead Man’s Bones. Quaint, kind of scary and fun!

5. Healthy (but scary) treats

If you are partying it up in your home, make certain to have some organic candy and treats ready for trick-or-treaters.

6. Decorate naturally

Halloweenify your party with autumnal natural décor (think pumpkins, gourds, etc.).

7. Halloween horror marathon

Break out all the classics (Halloween, Friday the 13th, Suspiria) and the more underground classics (Frankenhooker, Basket Case).

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