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VERANA was created by two Hollywood stylists with a machete and a penchant for living en plein air upon a jungle overlooking the sea. Emerging from a modern wonder of environmental engineering, their idea took form and evolved into an adults-only luxury boutique resort perfect for a secluded jungle getaway.

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Less than an hour from Puerto Vallarta, VERANA overlooks the crescent-shaped Bay of Banderas and the iconic fishing village of Yelapa with panoramic mountain views to the east. Reachable only by boat, this chic haven is secluded elemental luxury at its best.

Forget what you think about hotels, VERANA is nothing like it. Instead, it’s an evolving vision. Self-described as “a place imagined and then found” it was originally a single house. Evolving from a passion for design and adventure into ten hand-built unique gazebo-style homes perched atop the verdant Mexican jungle. Most are open-air and entirely private like the Teahouse with a hanging terrace and private plunge pool. Yet for those who enjoy the great indoors, the Studio is an enclosed one-room wonder with floor-to-ceiling windows, stunning décor that only a Hollywood stylist can pull off, and a magnificent ocean view.

Arriving at VERANA is your initiation into total escape. Board your private water taxi from the colorful and charming Boca de Tomatlan. A stunning 45-minute boat ride later, gliding past untouched jungle pops of orange dot the jungle you pull into VERANA’s private dock. Now, you’re home. Along the way, keep an eye out for manta rays and dolphins. They are all around you.


True to its handbuilt nature, mules cart your luggage up the hill to your room. As you travel on foot along a stone path to your boutique jungle paradise, VERANA reveals itself to you. Stylish terraced layers of relaxation await. The restaurant and bar overlook the sea. A library with a bocce ball court. A hand-carved stone pool. The Jungle Spa and myriad of chic chill spots invite you to relax and enjoy. At VERANA hours aren't counted by time. Instead, you let time slip away between perfectly blended margaritas and the setting or rising sun.


Each of VERANA’s ten boutique homes exhibits individual character and personality. An elegant earthy design pervades - the basis being symmetry, space, and the saturated chromatic colors of Mexico. Bright orange, red, pink, yellow, and blue, shades that brilliantly pop in contrast to the vibrant colors of the jungle.

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In your new jungle home, it’s easy to become a professional lounger. This is luxurious jungle living. Turn-down service includes lighting up your room with votive candles and pulling down the elegant mosquito net. In the morning coffee and homemade muffins are delivered to your door. Don your bathrobe and delight in private yet open-air showers. There’s something so right about an outdoor shower with ocean views. Luxuriate in the complimentary homemade spa products cupped in seashells and coconuts.

There are no TVs. Not that you’ll want one. Remote and secluded, VERANA inspires you to listen instead to the sounds of the sea and jungle. Be entertained by hummingbirds flying into your room to sip at the tropical flower arrangements. Laugh at the clucking of ​​chachalacas (wild turkeys) calling to each other from one hillside to the next.


VERANA offers curated dining and activity packages that deliver days filled with whale-watching, snorkeling, kayaking, and hikes ending in a waterfall. Relax your body at the elemental outdoor Jungle Spa perched on the hillside with ocean view massage tables. Book an aromatherapy spa treatment in the stone bathtub under the stars. Or do sweet nothing as you wind your way down the curated list of excellent Mexican wines. Or sip your handcrafted cocktail and count your blessings. 

When you feel inspired to make a move, meander to the pool and lounge about in hammocks. Or make your way down a shaded stone path to the yoga platform palapa overlooking the sea for some relaxing yoga moves. Whether you take to the sea, a seat at the bar, or on your couch and sea gaze, you'll experience a deep relaxation that feels like REM.


If you're craving nourishing solitude, VERANA is the perfect solo journey. Or share the experience with your loved ones. Either way, days float by punctuated by the rising sun, candlelit nights, fabulous meals, synchronicities, and stars popping in the night - as your natural optimism and love for life returns.

Relaxation is the fountain of youth. And VERANA offers an immersive experience into the adventure of serenity, seclusion, and relaxation. It all began with the idea of living en plein air. Open spaces. Opens hearts. 

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