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Which Indoor, Hanging Houseplants Suit Your Home?

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A thriving hanging plant can brighten most any room. And if you’re like me, your floor and window space is limited (as in my beagle refuses to budge from her sun perch).

So, which type of hanging plant is right for your home? While it certainly doesn’t take a ton of research to find out that information, it’s smart to know what plants will fair best in your home.

First: why you should buy an indoor houseplant

So, you’re not a houseplant proponent. Perhaps you’ve yet to convince yourself you will remember to water your new, green friend regularly. Well, indoor houseplant abstainers, here are a few indoor plant benefits you’re missing out on:

  • Plants clean the air: plants can remove carbon dioxide from the air and add oxygen. Also: some plants (such as ivy, philodendrons, etc.) are known to remove paint fumes, cigarette smoke and allergens from the air.
  • Plants promote positive feelings and can aid in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Now, on to a few hanging houseplant varieties

If your home gets bright, indirect light

Get spider-y: most spider plants are solid green or variegated. The plant’s long leaves typically flow over the side of its basket.

Hang ivy! There are many varieties of ivy to choose from. Some ivy plants have ruffled leaves while others grow flat leaves. Most all ivy varieties’ root cuttings grow well in a glass of water.

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Bright, indirect light plus humidity

Grab your home a fern. This plant also has many varieties. Some of the better-known ferns include the Boston and asparagus fern.

Low light

Philodendron or pathos plants are stellar selections. These plants are vining and have heart-shaped leaves. Colorings include everything from plain, dark green to variegated and abstract splotches.


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