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Would You Wash Laundry with Berries?

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To wash laundry, for me at least, is a major drag. Don’t get me wrong – I love clean clothes, fresh sheets and fluffy towels, but man – this is a chore that gets old fast. So, I’m always trying to discover ways to make the boring act of cleaning my clothing more exciting. A very tedious task.

I did, however, manage to find this bit of news recently that very well may make this bi-weekly chore more exciting. Did you know that you can wash laundry with berries? Granted, I’m not referring to blackberries, or blueberries (please don’t do that – the results would be disastrous), but soapberries.

According to an article by The Chalkboard Magazine, “Would You Or Wouldn't You: Wash Your Clothes With Berries,” soapberries (also known as Canada buffaloberries, or soapnuts) grow on trees that reside in parts of China and India. The fruits’ hard shell can be used as a soaping agent. (In fact, soapberries have been used as an all-natural soaping agent since ancient times.) The soapberry’s shell contains an anti-microbial and anti-fungal foaming compound called saponin. Saponin can break down grime and dirt on clothing.

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Some of the benefits of soapberries:

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From the Organic Authority Files

  • Soapberries act as a cleaner and a natural fabric softener.
  • The berries don’t leave residue on your clothing.
  • Soapberries are a great clothing cleaning agent for people who have sensitive skin.

To create your own, all-natural soapberry clothing cleaning solution, The Chalkboard Magazine recommends:

  • Grind shells into a powder.
  • Soak in water.
  • Place solution into a load of laundry.

Or, according to the article, “Cleaning With Fruit: Let’s Talk Soap Berries (or Soap Nuts),” from The Eco-Friendly Family, you can simply place four to five berries into a small bag and place the berry bag into the washing machine to wash laundry.

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