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Making homemade raspberry jam is a deliciously simple way to enjoy berries. This raspberry jam recipe uses only three ingredients: the berries, of course, a natural sweetener, and fiber-filled chia seeds, to make a sweet and zesty homemade treat in less than fifteen minutes.

Bonus: Buy organic raspberries in bulk right now, while they're in season, and don't worry about eating them all. You can whip up a bevy of batches of this jam and freeze it to smother on toast, dollop on oatmeal, or eat by the spoonful all year long.

Buying the Ingredients

To make homemade berry chia seed jam, you’ll need either fresh or frozen berries, chia seeds, and an optional sweetener of choice such as raw honey or maple syrup. A few other delicious additions include fresh lemon zest, a pinch of cinnamon, or even a dash of nutmeg.

When it comes to berries, go organic – always. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) continuously finds that berries, specifically strawberries, are sprayed with all sorts of pesticides, which remain on the fruit and then are consumed via a smoothie or shortcake. The EWG notes that individuals consume roughly eight pounds of fresh strawberries annually, and with them “dozens of pesticides, including chemicals that have been linked to cancer and reproductive damage, or that are banned in Europe.”

What about giving the berries a quick rinse before eating? According to the EWG, USDA tests found that strawberries "were the fresh produce items most likely to be contaminated with pesticide residues, even after they are picked, rinsed in the field and washed before eating.”

When it comes to all berries – splurge and shop organic. Save your money for the “clean fifteen” or the EWG’s list of the least pesticide contaminated fruits and vegetables, which includes produce such as avocado (there is a god!), cauliflower, and mango.

frozen raspberries and chia seeds

Ohhhhh yes! When chia meets raspberry, you'll want to have what we're having.

Kitchen Prep

Unlike regular jam, this raspberry jam recipe couldn’t be easier to make thanks to the addition of chia seeds. When stirred into liquid, chia seeds swell up and yield a delicious and gelatinous texture to make this jam, well, jam-like.

To make this raspberry jam recipe, you’ll need a saucepan, berries of choice (I highly recommend going the raspberry route!), chia seeds, raw honey or maple syrup, and a small splash of water.

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Gently warm berries on the stovetop along with water until the berries begin to break down. I like to use a fork to gently mash the berries and create a delicious, chunky berry texture.

Next, add in the sweetener and chia seeds and stir to completely incorporate. The chia seeds work like magic (it’s all that fiber) to thicken the berry mixture into a thick and jelly-like jam.

This recipe works deliciously for any and all berries. I like using raspberries, but a mix of blueberry and raspberry is also a delight. If using strawberries, first cut and quarter them into smaller pieces. This chia jam even works with other fruits too including diced peaches and even mango.

raspberry jam recipe

Fresh, homemade raspberry jam is better than anything you'll find in the supermarket aisles.

How to Make Raspberry Jam

  • Duration
  • Cook Time
  • Prep Time


Raspberry Jam

  • 3 cups frozen or fresh raspberries or other berry of choice
  • 3 Tbsp chia seeds
  • 3 Tbsp raw honey or maple syrup
  • 2 Tbsp water


  1. Add berries to a small saucepan over medium-low heat along with water. Cook berries until they begin to break down, about 5-10 minutes. Use a fork to smash berries gently to break down the berries even more.
  2. Stir in sweetener of choice, if using, and chia seeds. Cook for one minutes more. Remove saucepan from heat and let sit to thicken, which should take another five to ten minutes. Stir every so often while jam sits.
  3. Spoon jam into a glass jar and store in the refrigerator where it will keep for three days.

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