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8 Delightful Jam Recipes Made from Fall Fruits

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Fall harvests are often bountiful, requiring food preservations skills and provides a platform for ample kitchen creativity when it comes to combining flavors. Our 8 favorite jam recipes made from fall fruits are unique, delicious and a wonderful way to put up all that fresh fruit for the upcoming winter season!

1. Caramelized Pear Jam with Vanilla Bean

Yes, this jam is almost too good to be true. Although you may have not experienced it before, the sweetness of pears and the smooth overtones of vanilla pair up perfectly for the most decadent breakfast spread or ice cream topping. And although it may sound extravagant, this recipe is ridiculously easy, requiring 4 simple ingredients: pears, lemon juice, sugar and vanilla beans.

2. Apple Pie Jam

Fall is certainly the season for apples, and once you're tired of making pies, apple sauce and apple juice, try your hand at this tasty apple spread. Serve it for breakfast with homemade bread, use it in spiced cakes or puddings or drop a dollop into an Indian or Middle Eastern inspired stew. You can even use it as a filling for apple pie!

3. Concord Grape Jam

Grape jam is a surprisingly appetizing spread for toast and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, especially when made on homemade bread. Concord grapes tend to be sweeter, but you can make this recipe with almost any table grape variety. Make sure to score a bunch of seedless grapes, as this will definitely affect the quality and flavor of your jam.

4. Spiced Fall Fruit Jam with Hazelnuts and Red Wine

This jam recipe combines the best of all fall fruit harvests! Figs, pears, apples and quince blend together with sweet spices, earthy hazelnuts and a deep bodied red wine (such as a Zinfandel) in this irresistibly tantalizing spread. Serve with crackers and cheese for a unique and impressive appetizer or dessert.

5. Cranberry Jam

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A fall classic, cranberry jam certainly awakens your taste buds to the flavors associated with cooler weather and the holidays. This recipe incorporates strawberries, so make sure to use up the ones you stashed in your freezer earlier this summer. Serve it with savory mains, add it to your salad dressings or make up pretty appetizer platters with crackers, cream cheese and a dollop of bright red cranberry jam on top.

6. Rosemary Tomato Jam

If you're looking for something a little more unusual, try out this rosemary tomato jam. More on the savory side, this jam can double as a chutney, a sauce for focaccias or a spread for bruschetta with a few basil and oregano leaves on top. It's worth a try, especially if you've got a bumper tomato crop!

7. Red Pear Lavender Jam

Another pear jam made it into our top 8, and is just as simple as the one above. Just swap the vanilla for lavender for a slightly more floral flavor with a zestier bite. You can use almost any type of pear for this recipe, but red pears combine well with the musky aroma of the lavender.

8. Spiced Pumpkin Butter

Pumpkin butter is so delicious, especially when you get the level of sweetness and spiciness just right - it's like eating the best part of pumpkin pie! It's also a great oil substitute for cakes and muffins, works well with both sweet and savory dishes, and is a fun and unique alternative to your basic berry and pit fruit jams.

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