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Fennel Lemon Crunch: A Bright, Herbed Summer Cocktail Recipe


This ingenious cocktail works well as a mocktail too. The combination of rich fennel flavor, bright lemon and nutty basil is complex without being heavy, and it's the perfect drink for a Sunday brunch in the shade. The easiest way to make this is to prepare your own fennel simple syrup, but if you don't have time for that, muddle fennel leaves with the basil. Either way, you'll love the result.


Two parts organic vodka

One part fresh squeezed lemon and/or lime juice

Fennel simple syrup (to taste)

Fresh basil (to taste)

Raw sugar

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In the bottom of a shaker, muddle the basil leaves with a dash of sugar. Add the lemon-lime juice and syrup, and muddle well. Let this mixture sit a few minutes to steep.

Add vodka and ice, and shake well. Strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with fresh basil leaves.


This is a good recipe to play with, so try adding a dash of amaretto, a splash of soda, a slice of cucumber or a little ginger. You'll come up with endless ways to enjoy the taste of summer.

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