4 Creative Vegan Pizza Recipes for Meatless Monday

vegan pizza

Pizza is one of America’s favorite dinner options — a 2016 study conducted by the Harris Poll showed that 15 percent of Americans list pizza as their favorite comfort food, nearly double that of any other option. And that, of course, includes vegan pizza: these four recipes couldn’t be more different, but each is perfect for Meatless Monday.

This simple vegan pizza is one of our top choices, not just because it’s easy to make, with a relatively short ingredient list, but also because it’s full of flavor. Choose between homemade or store-bought crust, depending on how much time you have to spend on a Monday night dinner, and add colorful peppers, red onions, button mushrooms, and a quick homemade tomato sauce. The secret ingredient is the vegan parmesan cheese recipe made with cashews, nutritional yeast, and garlic powder. It’s the perfect tangy topping to this simple, delicious vegan pizza.

Vegan BBQ Pineapple Pizza on Gluten-Free Pizza Crust Recipe
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If you love a blend of savory and sweet, this pineapple barbecue pizza is perfect for you. A slightly maple-infused gluten-free crust is the base for organic barbecue sauce (pick your favorite brand), fresh pineapple chunks, red onion, and homemade cauliflower cheese. A cilantro garnish is the perfect finishing touch.

barbecue jackfruit pizza

Barbecue also features in this delicious vegan pizza, topped with barbecue jackfruit and a hempseed cheddar sauce made with roasted red peppers for color and nutritional yeast and cider vinegar for tang. Drizzle with homemade hempseed ranch just before serving.

Flourless Vegan Polenta Pizza with Roasted Vegetables

While there are tons of great gluten-free pizza dough recipes out there, we love the idea of something completely out of the ordinary: a polenta crust is not only gluten-free, it also adds a bit of sweet, corn flavor to the final pizza. Atop this cornmeal base, this pizza recipe calls for tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, and your favorite tomato sauce. Simple, but totally delicious.

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