4 Easy Ways to Make Roasted Vegetables for Meatless Monday

roasted vegetables

You’re already getting yourself psyched up for Thanksgiving — maybe you’ve even started some of your prep work — so there’s no need to overcomplicate dinner this week. We’re focusing our attention on four delicious ways to prepare roasted vegetables for Meatless Monday.

These recipes are rich in flavor, but they’re super easy to make and don’t create a lot of mess or dishes; you’ll have more than enough of that come Thursday. It doesn’t hurt that these recipes are healthy too, giving you a bit more leeway for that second piece of pumpkin pie in a few days.

This super simple roasted carrot dish brings out the best in the autumnal vegetable. We like to get as many different colors of carrots as possible — red, orange, white, yellow, and purple — to make this dish as visually arresting as it is delicious. All the carrots need is a touch of honey and some fresh rosemary, and, of course, a little over half an hour in the oven, to become succulent, sweet, and moreish.

roasted vegetables - roasted chickpeas

Once we discovered roasted chickpeas, pretty much every other salty snack we bought went straight out the window. You have crunch, you have spice, and not only that, chickpeas are full of protein and much more satiating (and better for you!) than other common choices like chips or popcorn.


It’s really no surprise that blogger Adam Roberts called this broccoli “the best broccoli of your life.” The key combination of high heat to bring out the natural sweetness and nuttiness in the crucifer plus just the right amounts of garlic, lemon, and Parmesan cheese makes this broccoli one of our favorite roasted vegetables ever.

root vegetable fries
Image: Kate GavlickCredit: Image by Kate Gavlick

Root vegetables were made for roasting. Celeriac, sweet potato, carrots, and parsnips all contain natural sugars that are caramelized by the roasting process, making them super sweet and delicious. In this recipe, the fall vegetables are also seasoned with just a touch of paprika for spice. We love this recipe just as much for Meatless Monday as for a healthy side dish option on Thanksgiving.

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