4 Vegan Whole30 Recipes for Meatless Monday (Yep, It’s Possible!)

whole30 vegetarian cabbage rolls

January seems to be Whole30 month, at least among our friends. It’s not surprising: the eating plan allows you to focus on any foods to which you might have an intolerance, and after all that holiday eating, it always feels good to wipe the slate clean. The only problem? Whole30 tends to be very meat- and egg-heavy, which is tough when you’re also trying to reduce your meat consumption on Meatless Monday. But don’t despair — Meatless Monday and Whole30 can be compatible — and here are four delicious vegan Whole30 recipes that prove it.

Before we get into the recipes, a quick refresher on what is and isn’t allowed on Whole30: Whole30 is all about — you guessed it — whole foods. That means no processed foods of any kind and as few additives as you can muster. There are also no legumes (that means beans, lentils, and all forms of soy), no grains or pseudo-grains (wheat, rice, quinoa, buckwheat), dairy (kefir, yogurt, milk, cheese), and no sugar (honey, maple syrup, agave, and — yes — alcohol). For more information about what is and isn’t Whole30 compliant, check out the Whole30 program.

On to the recipes!

Cabbage rolls usually contain a mix of rice and meat, neither of which is allowed on a vegan Whole30. But these vegan cabbage rolls stuffed with mushrooms are perfect, with just one little tweak: since there’s no wine allowed on Whole30, you’ll have to sub a drizzle of vinegar or just leave it out entirely. Be sure to make your own tomato sauce so that you know that these rolls are Whole30 compliant.

sweet potato toast
Image: Kate Gavlick

Breakfast is one of the toughest meals to plan on Whole30 — and it’s even tougher if you’re going the vegan route, as the most common standbys for other Whole30-ers are eggs. Luckily, there are actually tons of choices if you’re willing to get creative. This sweet potato “toast” recipe offers lots of vegan Whole30 compliant toppings, like avocado, banana and cinnamon, or natural nut butter.

vegan whole30 stuffed mushrooms

Stuffed mushroom caps make for an easy meal to whip up on a Monday evening, and these ones are also vegan Whole30 compliant. Filled with celery, bell pepper, ginger, and pecans, they’re bursting with flavor and with healthful nutrients. You’ll need to swap out the soy sauce for paleo-friendly coconut aminos to make this recipe truly compliant, and why not add in a few extra veggies for a bit more color, too?

roasted brussels sprouts
Image: Kate GavlickCredit: Karissa Bowers

Brussels sprouts are a super filling choice for a vegan Whole30 meal. These are caramelized in a hot oven with vitamin-rich ghee, as well as a touch of salt and pepper. The result is a simple treat with just a hint of sweetness — serve them with a colorful salad for a tasty, nutrient-rich Meatless Monday meal.

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