Do the Salty Chihuahua!

Feeling daring? Kick off your weekend with a fresh-squeezed Salty Chihuahua. They say this cocktail was invented by a Mexican bartender in the 1940s. That may be true — or it may just be a spicier knockoff of the Salty Dog, substituting tequila for gin. Whatever breed of bow-wow you decide to try, don’t skip the salt. The unique mix of tart and savory makes this combination a classic.

This version of the drink adds a little orange liqueur to sweeten the mix. Want to stick to the original? Replace the Cointreau with Reposado.

The Salty Chihuahua



Juice the grapefruits into a pitcher. You should get about three cups of juice. (No juicer? Peel grapefruits and process them in a blender, then strain the pulp into a bowl or pitcher. Press the pulp well to get all the juice out.)

Add the tequila and liqueur, and stir.

Pour the salt into a small bowl or dish. Wet the rims of four cocktail glasses, and dip them lightly in the salt.

Fill each glass with ice, and add the grapefruit mixture.

Garnish each glass with a sprig of mint or even cilantro, and serve with salty attitude. This makes about four drinks.

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image: Stuart Webster.