Juicing Cannabis: Turn Up Your Juice Game to 11

Get healthy by juicing cannabis.

It seems like everyone is trying their hand at making healthy juices right now, and for good reason. It’s great to add a healthy juice to your daily food routine. And even if you’re a seasoned juicer, it’s still a great idea to switch up your juicing recipes to keep things fresh, tasty, and interesting.

One incredibly interesting juice trend that’s beginning to emerge is cannabis juicing. That’s right, you can now effectively juice with cannabis.

Now, don’t feel like a total dweeb if you had no idea that people are juicing cannabis — we were surprised, too! We became privy to this “trend” after receiving a brand new copy of “The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook.”

While the “Cookbook” contains seven juice options, we thought it would be appropriate to post the Green Detox juice because it’s just about that time to give all your New Year’s health resolutions another go…

Green Detox raw energy cannabis juice

According to “The Cannabis Cookbook,” juicing with cannabis that hasn’t been decarboxylated can help you avoid a “tremendous high” in the morning. Basically, this cannabis only has THCA–a “non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in raw and live cannabis,” As THCA dries, it turns into THC, and heat speeds up this change. The marijuana that’s used in this juice is 100-percent raw and still contains all of the cannabis’ nutrients and healing properties.

Makes one, 16-ounce serving and 35 milligrams of THC


1/8 ounce of raw cannabis flowers
1 bunch parsley
2 leaves of kale
2 cucumbers
1 garlic clove
2 stalks of celery
4 grapefruits, peeled
A small piece of ginger
A small piece of turmeric
1/4 cup spinach

*While this recipe doesn’t call for organic ingredients, it’s important to use organic greens and cannabis whenever possible.


Juice the parsley, kale, cannabis, and cucumbers. Add all the remaining ingredients and juice. Serve chilled.

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