Leftover Mashed Potato Pancake Recipe

potato pancakes, mashed potato pancakes

If you’ve got a heap (or even just a few cups) of mashed potatoes leftover from dinner, save them for a delicious and filling potato pancake breakfast or lunch the next day!

This leftover mashed potato pancake recipe can be enjoyed with either savory or sweet toppings, and is super quick and easy to make. Potatoes not only contain vitamins C and B6 that are essential for those following a vegetarian diet, but also provide potassium and phosphorus. Enjoy these yummy potato pancakes for a hearty and warming meal!

3 cups mashed potatoes (preferably made with organic ingredients)
1 organic egg
3 tablespoons organic flour of choice + 1/2 cup organic flour of choice
organic oil of choice for frying

Topping Ideas:
Organic scallions and tomatoes
Organic cheese and/or sour cream
Organic maple syrup or honey
Organic berry jam or fresh berries
Organic mascarpone cheese


In a large mixing bowl, stir together the leftover mashed potatoes, egg and the 3 tablespoons of flour until smooth. Place the 1/2 cup of flour in a shallow bowl or dish.

Heat the oil in a frying pan and place on the lowest heat. Use your hands to shape a pancake out of the potato mixture and then coat it with the flour in the shallow dish. Once covered in flour, place the dough on the heated frying pan. Cook each side for about 3-4 minutes or until brown and crispy on both sides. If you have a large pan you can cook more than one pancake at a time, but just make sure not to overcrowd your pan so that it’s easy to flip your pancakes. You will also likely need to add more oil to the pan between batches.

If you want, for the savory version you can add the cheese for on to the already cooked side of the pancake for about the last 2 minutes of cooking the second side to let the cheese melt. Otherwise serve your pancakes with whichever type of additional garnishes you prefer.

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