Make a Vodka-Infused Watermelon

Some staples just go with celebrating the Fourth of July. Colorful fireworks displays. The smell of tasty morsels cooking on the grill. The occasional pop of firecrackers in the distance. The tangy good taste of vodka-infused watermelon. Wait. Say what? Okay, so vodka-infused watermelon may not be a basic part of the holiday, but that bright summertime fruit certainly is.

So why not shake it up this year, by adding vodka to that tasty watermelon of yours? After you try this recipe, you’ll want vodka-infused watermelon to be a part of your yearly (adults-only, of course) Independence Day traditions.

Making this naughty treat is almost as fun as eating it. Intrigued? Find out how to make your very own watermelon on tap.



1. Take the cap off of your bottle of vodka. Place the cap in the center on top of your watermelon. Use a serrated knife to etch the circumference of the cap into the watermelon.

2. Next cut out your circular etching, pumpkin carving-style. You should now have a small hole the size of the cap in your watermelon. Save the chunk you cut out to plug your watermelon later.

3. Now, use a spoon to scoop out some of the juicy innards of the watermelon. You’re making a larger hole, so the neck of the vodka bottle can fit inside the watermelon.

4. This part can get messy, so watch out. You’re going to stick the bottle of vodka into the hole you carved. I found that the best way to do this, so you don’t spill your precious vodka everywhere, is to turn the watermelon on its side. Then stuff the vodka bottle into the hole you carved. The entire neck of the bottle should fit in the watermelon. Then lay the watermelon back down so that the bottle is on top of the watermelon. You’re essentially feeding your watermelon-baby a vodka bottle.

5. Now, the boring part. Wait four to 12 hours for the watermelon to soak up the liquor-y goodness. The watermelon should absorb half to a full bottle of vodka.

6. After that lengthy period of time has passed, take out the bottle. Plug up the watermelon with the chunk you saved for easy transportation to your Fourth of July barbeque. Or, if you’re ready to get eating, cut your watermelon into slices. If the watermelon hasn’t absorbed as much vodka as you would like (which is unlikely, but possible) marinate the slices in any leftover vodka.

Watch out. This deceptively strong treat can hit you fast. So pace yourself and have a happy and safe Fourth of July!

image: mynameisharsha