Spiced Hemp Mocktail for Dry January

Bottoms up.

With millions committing to Dry January across the globe – detoxing after an indulgent holiday season doesn’t have to be boring. Not when you indulge in this deliciously spiced hemp mocktail. 

Since 2012, Dry January has inspired us to experience the massive social and health benefits when taking a break from alcohol. On WebMD.com Dr. Richard Piper, chief executive officer of Alcohol Change UK, says, “Being alcohol-free for 31 days shows us that we don’t need alcohol to have fun, to relax, to socialize.”

Not only that, Dry January is easy on the wallet and the University of Sussex reports the added benefits of vibrant skin, better sleep, weight loss, improved concentration, and a high sense of achievement. Rather than focus on what you’re giving up, imagine all you have to gain. Seriously, what’s not to love about Dry January?

This spiced mocktail is sure to please the palate and keep the fun rolling – even while you detox. The added ingredient of high-quality CBD oil achieves that end-of-the-day relaxed feeling you crave while nourishing your body with anti-inflammatory properties. If you’re new to the health benefits of CBD oil, check out our comprehensive guide that answers all your questions. 

Recipe courtesy of Papa & Barkley Essential Hemp Drops.

10 min. Prep
0 Cook
10 min. Total
1 Servings



Pour honey, lemon juice, and spices into a large mug.
Top with hot tea, stir, then add a lemon wedge.
Garnish with 0.25ml of Essentials Hemp Drops (7.5mg of CBD).