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Image of an aerial view of a large open farmed field with a flock of sheep grazing as part of a regenerative agriculture movement.
September 9, 2023
So what is regenerative agriculture, why is it important, and what’s the connection to our health? Father of Functional Medicine,…
New Mission Will Grow Tomatoes on Mars
Credit: Photo by David von Diemar on Unsplash
November 28, 2018
A small satellite will replicate the conditions on the moon and on Mars to see if cultivating food in space…
We Underestimated Global Livestock Methane Gas Emissions, Study Finds
October 2, 2017
A new study has shown that methane gas emission estimates must be reevaluated due to changes in manure management and…
Sustainable Agriculture is the Best Way to Feed the World, New Research Confirms
August 23, 2017
Two new studies show that sustainable agriculture is indeed the best way to feed the world's hungry and avoid devastating…
USDA Awarded $7.6 Million in Grants for Pest Control Research
July 26, 2017
Over $7 million in research grants has been awarded to 21 different projects focused on environmentally sound pest control solutions.
Confusion Over Hydroponics Grows at National Organic Standards Board Meeting
April 25, 2017
Whether hydroponic farming is organic is still unclear as the recent National Organic Standards Board meeting led to more questions…
organic farmers
February 28, 2017
The children of organic farmers aren't jus taking the reins from their parents, as they used to -- they're revolutionizing…
food prices continue to drop
September 29, 2016
Food prices continue to drop in the United States, as they have for the past nine years. This stems in…
February 8, 2016
During February's Sustainability Month, Healdsburg is highlighting all the ways its business have made sustainable practices a way of life.
California Drought Forcing Honeybees Out of State
October 1, 2015
The California drought is taking yet another toll on the state's farmers: the loss of honeybees. The important pollinators are…