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Herb Garden Pruning 101: Your Hands-On Guide to Quick and Easy Care
July 25, 2016
Learn tips for pruning your herb garden because when you prune herbs you harvest beneficial herbs for cooking as well…
holy basil benefits
July 16, 2016
Holy basil has long been touted in alternative medicine. Our experts examined some reputed holy basil benefits and offer their…
pesto tomato crostini
June 8, 2015
Nothing says summer more than some fresh basil recipes. Here are our favorites, perfect for your Meatless Monday table.
September 4, 2014
Fresh herbs are great at in boosting the WOW flavor of fruit-based smoothies. Here are 7 easy smoothie recipes using…
broccoli basil spaghetti
September 1, 2014
Put some pasta recipes on your Meatless Monday table. But not just any pasta -- these gourmet pasta recipes will…
Cucumber salad
August 10, 2014
Here are 5 cucumber salad ideas inspired from around the world.
July 29, 2014
Make this three ingredient fresh salad recipe in 5 minutes, and spend the rest of your day soaking up the…
July 9, 2014
Whether you’re trying to go through your summer harvest or simply find new eats, here are 6 breakfast recipe ideas…
August 4, 2013
Love basil? There are many ways to use it you may not have ever thought about. From stomach support to…
August 14, 2012
Atop a pile of linguini is always a wonderful place for basil, but consider these other uses for this culinary…