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Image of a woman in a modern, stone bath, sitting up with arms splayed to each side facing a wall with bath fixture. She wears a hibiscus flower in her hair and shows the benefits of Epsom salt baths. Why to Take an Epsom Salt Bath
Credit: iStock/olegbreslavtsev
December 21, 2023
Benefits of an epsom salt bath go beyond relaxation. The science shows it supports mood, ease pain, & supercharge magnesium…
the benefits of taking a bath
May 1, 2016
Need an excuse to slip into a warm tub? Epsom salt bath benefits can dramatically improve your health and boost…
dog loves bath time
September 12, 2014
Is he dead? Sleeping? Nooooo...this dog is just really, really digging on the soapy bubbles of bath time. Aw.
September 20, 2013
Each week we share our favorite links from around the web. This week includes highlights from Experience Life, MightyNest, Blisstree,…
July 19, 2011
Notorious for its fab uses in green cleaning and the culinary world, the merits of baking soda are lesser known…