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6 Store-Bought Vegan Cookies Worthy of the Holiday Cookie Swap
December 15, 2017
The top 6 store bought vegan cookies to bring to your annual holiday cookie swap. No need to spend time…
Heirloom Grains to Try
July 19, 2017
The trendy ancient grain market is ever-growing to include even more heirloom varieties: here are five of the newest arrivals…
Victoria Beckham’s Gluten-Free Diet
Image by Victoria Beckham/Instagram
May 15, 2017
Going gluten-free has been considered not just healthy but hip, but is the hype really worth it? Should we all…
Papa John's Tests Organic Pizza Toppings
April 6, 2017
Papa John's is offering four organic pizza toppings in a test market in Kentucky because of growing consumer interest in…
Does Going Gluten-Free Diet Increase the Risk for Excessive Arsenic?
March 8, 2017
Does your gluten-free diet expose you to more arsenic? A new study says yes, but not to worry, you can…
Treat yourself grain-free with cassava flour.
December 4, 2015
Go gluten and grain-free with amazing cassava flour--it is an alternative flour that can actually satisfy. Learn how to use…
General Mills Recalls 1.8 Million Boxes of Cheerios for Not Really Being Gluten-Free
October 7, 2015
General Mills has voluntarily recalled 1.8 million boxes of original and Honey Nut Cheerios due to wheat contamination at one…
September 2, 2015
Cellulose gum found in processed food is popular among manufacturers because it's gluten-free and lowers fat content. But should you…
Gluten-Free Doesn't Mean Healthy, Study Debunks Gluten Myths
July 9, 2015
Research concluded that people who gravitate to gluten-free foods without a medically necessary reason may be spending excessive money with…
Gluten Free Beauty: Marketing Gimmick or the Real Thing?
May 17, 2015
Gluten free foods seem to be everywhere. What about cosmetics? Should your beauty be gluten free too?