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From Our Friends: June 29, 2012

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Happy weekend, OA readers! If it's Friday, then you know we have a brand new From Our Friends roundup ready for you. This one is EPIC. We've packed it with posts on EWG's dirty dozen (and clean 15!), a new gluten-free pasta made from bananas, 11 reasons to choose grass-fed whey protein, an incredible recipe for vegan chocolate mouse, and finally a wonderful article on Kenter Canyon Farms that will warm your heart. Enjoy these and we'll see you Monday!

1. Have you checked out Environmental Working Group's 8th annual shopper's guide yet? It has a list of their dirty dozen and clean 15, and you can read all about it at MightyNest!

2. Bananas… as pasta? A new gluten-free pasta developed in Brazil is made with flour milled from green bananas. Sounds crazy, but Blisstree has all the dirt!

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From the Organic Authority Files

3. If you were looking for a reason to choose grass-fed whey protein, well, here's 11! Read them all at The Organic Whey's blog.

4. My mouth is watering just typing this. You have to at least GLANCE at EcoSalon's vegan chocolate mouse with sea salt recipe. It looks simply divine. 

5. Twenty-five years ago, Alice Waters was raiding Andrea Crawford's lettuce patch for Chez Panisse salads. These days, Crawford's selling 20,000 pounds of oregano a year to Chipotle. You're going to LOVE this in-depth report of the amazing Kenter Canyon Farms on KCET.

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