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'Planetary Health' Diet Critical for Human Survival, Study Finds
Credit: iStock/noipornpan
January 17, 2019
New research says humans must halve meat and sugar consumption while doubling healthy whole foods to save the planet and…
January 15, 2019
Regular exercise is as critical as a healthy diet in preventing cardiovascular risk, says new research.
Fruits Vegetables Cancer
Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash
January 13, 2018
New research suggests yet another reason for eating fruits and vegetables -- they feed a chemical reaction that teaches cells…
Gisele Bündchen's Tips for Radiant Health
image via Gisele Bündchen/Instagram
May 24, 2017
Gisele Bündchen reveals her five simple steps to living a healthy life while still indulging in some unhealthy faves. It's…
5 Natural Home Remedies That May Replace Prescription Drugs
July 16, 2015
Give these natural home remedies a try if you're looking to reduce your dependency on pharmaceutical drugs.
May 30, 2015
Do you have a new vegetarian kid on your hands? Don't freak. Your child can be healthy and still eat…
July 16, 2014
Stop crappy food cravings in their tracks by avoiding extreme diets, eating whole foods, cutting back on sugar, etc.
May 9, 2014
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April 18, 2014
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April 1, 2014
Think counting calories is really doing your diet any favors? Dr. Frank Lipman weighs in on with reasons why you…