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June 26, 2014
Not sure how to have a healthy pregnancy? Organic Authority has rounded up some important diet and lifestyle tips to…
natural childbirth photo
February 2, 2014
For women that choose natural childbirth, here are some tips to make it easier including staying fit and doulas.
September 24, 2013
Use this list of 10 healthy foods as a shopping list during pregnancy.
August 12, 2013
Pregnancy diets can be complicated by a range of chemicals poorly identified as threats to the developing baby.
May 8, 2013
Organic food is critical to a healthy pregnancy. But is it enough? Take a look at some other considerations to…
October 10, 2012
Thirty pregnant women are receiving prescriptions for fresh fruits and vegetables in an efforts to improve the health of pregnant…
October 17, 2011
As women we have specialized nutritional needs that change throughout our lives: iron, calcium, folic acid, to name a few.…
October 9, 2011
New findings published in a recent issue of Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine suggest that women who regularly eat…