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Image of a wellness retreat that more of a luxury Italian vacation than anything else. A crystal clear infinity pool overlooks Sicilian vineyards and a stunning blue sky.
Credit: Monaci delle Terre Nere
June 21, 2024
Wellness retreats don’t have to be boring. Monaci delle Terre Nere wine resort in Sicily has everything you need for…
Hotel Adler Dolomiti Spa & Sport Resort
Credit: © Hotel Adler Dolomiti Spa & Sport Resort
March 9, 2020
In South Tyrol, the Hotel Adler Dolomiti combines luxury, wellness, winter and spring sports to create the perfect winter wellness…
View of Villa Medicea di Lilliano Wine Estate
Credit: © Villa Medicea di Lilliano Wine Estate
December 18, 2019
Take your love of wine and travel to the next level and stay in one of Italy's wine hotels... in…
Roman Thermal Spa Resorts
Credit: © The ADLER Spa Resort Thermae
February 28, 2019
Relax and indulge Italy's ancient spa culture at these two countryside thermal spa resorts.
Where to go organic wine tasting in Italy
October 20, 2016
Do you love Italian wine and want to visit Italy's organic wine country? This is the perfect guide!
This Italian Just Became the Vegan Diet Poster Girl for the Craziest Reason
July 26, 2016
Visitors to Turin, Italy, may soon find it abundant in vegetarian and vegan diet options thanks to its newest mayor…
Underwater Greenhouses Grow Gorgeous Pesticide-Free Food
July 15, 2015
Off Italy's coast 20 feet underwater, greenhouses are growing delicious fruits and vegetables. No, but seriously.
October 17, 2012
Whether you consider yourself a gourmet, gourmand, foodie or just someone who really loves to eat, there’s a flavorful food…
December 19, 2008
Amidst wars and slumping economies, we forget, there are plenty of hungry people in the world. That’s why some nations…