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Black and Hispanic Youth Targeted In Billion-Dollar Junk Food Ads
Credit: Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash
January 17, 2019
Nearly $9 billion worth of television ads for unhealthy junk and processed food targets Black and Hispanic communities, a new…
Eating at Work is (Probably) Making You Fat, Says New Research
June 12, 2018
Eating at work may seem like a multitasker's dream, but according to new research, they're often empty calories that may…
Restricting Junk Food TV Ads Linked to Lower Obesity Rates in Children, Study Finds
June 7, 2018
The fewer junk food ads kids see on TV the less likely they are to develop obesity says a new…
Fresh Fruit and Veggies are So Much Cheaper than Junk Food, Study Finds
March 3, 2017
No more excuses, folks: buying fresh fruit and veggies is so much cheaper than all that junk food. Science says…
junk food ads
iStock/Dean Mitchell
December 23, 2016
A new study shows that black children see twice as many junk food ads as white children in the United…
smart snacks loophole allows chips in schools
September 9, 2016
Healthier versions of unhealthy snacks are in line with the USDA Smart Snacks program but undermine schools' ability to teach…
Of Course The Twinkie Will Never Die--and It's About to Get a Major Makeover
July 12, 2016
Think the Twinkie is a creme-filled horror story of decades past? Well, guess again, because it's about to go the…
Food Subsidies and Declining Vegetable Consumption Linked to America’s Obesity Epidemic
July 7, 2016
The government may be helping farmers and ranchers with food subsidies, but it's not doing your health any favors, according…
Little Gulps? Big Food Embraces ‘Small’ in Efforts to Sell More
July 6, 2016
Are Big Food brands intentionally trying to sell you on the idea that smaller is better? Or are the cute…
Are You Eating the Most Dangerous Processed Food in America? Our Top 3 to Avoid
March 16, 2016
Ultra processed food is some of the most present -- and most dangerous -- in our diets. Discover the worst…