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April 28, 2016
Dannon Yogurt is following in the footsteps of sister brand Stonyfield with a major non-GMO pledge and sustainability initiative.
2 Major Food Companies Commit to Label GMOs on All Products
March 22, 2016
Following General Mills’ announcement last week that it would begin labeling genetically modified ingredients (GMOs) in all of its food…
If Anyone Can Make Mandatory GMO Labeling Happening, it Might Just Be These Celebrity Moms
August 6, 2015
GMO labeling is a contentious issue; just asked anyone who cares about what they eat. These celebrity moms are now…
USDA Announces Plans for Federal 'GMO-Free' Label Certification Program
May 18, 2015
Labels telling you what is genetically modified may not be happening soon, but the USDA says it's gearing up for…
December 12, 2014
Oregon's Yes on 92 Campaign has conceded defeat in its effort to bring GMO labeling to the state.
December 3, 2014
More than 700 of the nation's top chefs want GMO foods labeled, and they've petitioned Congress to support legislation that…
gmo labeling
November 5, 2014
GMO labeling efforts in Oregon and Colorado felt the sting of the biotech industry's deep pockets in the 2014 mid-term…
fudge brownie
October 14, 2014
The fight for GMO labeling in Oregon gets a Ben & Jerry's name makeover to help draw attention to Measure…
trader joes
October 3, 2014
The GMO labeling battles continue, and contrary to what Big Ag and Big Food say, a report finds the cost…
August 12, 2014
Vermont passed a law to label GMOs in food. Big-Ag is fighting it. Can the state protect its rights?