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a woman looks out over Lake Lehmonkarki
Credit: Julia Kivela
March 18, 2022
Finland's Lakeland is the prime place to reconnect with nature, discovering this majestic area of lakes and forest.
woman standing at top of mountain next to bench
Credit: Photo by Артемий Савинков on Unsplash
March 7, 2022
The Japanese practice of forest bathing has incredible benefits for your health and wellbeing – and it's easy to do,…
Ultramarathoner Sho Gray on Why You Should Be Trail Running
June 9, 2017
An ultramarathoner wouldn’t choose to spend the majority of his training time on the trails if there weren’t benefits. Here…
Camping Gear
April 16, 2017
Whether you like to sleep out under the stars or if glamping is more your thing, the essential camping season…
5 Totally Amazing National Parks to Bucket List Right Now
August 7, 2016
This year marks the National Park Service 100th anniversary. Visit one of these lesser-known, but still stunning, national parks to…
5 Tips for Taking Your Yoga Practice Outside
July 25, 2016
Check out our 5 tips for making outdoor yoga a crucial part of your practice. Connect to your surroundings and…
At Least these Dolphins are Happy [Video]
July 8, 2016
Dancing ocean dolphins are the feel-good reminder that life is so much more than its complications.
We've collected amazing Instagram pics from around the world to celebrate Earth Day.
April 21, 2016
These intriguing Instagram pics from around the world remind us how gorgeous the world is -- just in time to…
We Bet You Had No Idea Lima Beans Could do This [Video]
March 25, 2016
Oh, the humble lima bean. It’s not just for succotash anymore, as this incredible video shows. It’s probably smarter than…
You Simply Can't Argue With Christopher Walken About Wildlife [Video]
October 16, 2015
Christopher Walken teams up with the Humane Society to talk about America's incredible wild animals and why we need to…