9 Super Cool Camping Season Must-Haves for Mastering the Outdoors

Camping Gear

Whether you plan on visiting some of our amazing National Parks this camping season or your set up in your backyard, get started on your plans with some camping gear must-haves.

Camping Gear Faves

Camping Gear

1. BioLite PowerLight Bundle

This USB-chargeable PowerLight hub not only charges your devices, but it doubles as a versatile lantern with low and bright options depending on your outdoor lighting needs. While not technically a necessity, it’s sure a camping gear nicety.

Camping Gear

2. Summit Kitchen Sink

Don’t be afraid to pack everything, including the kitchen sink, when packing up your camping gear. The Summit Kitchen Sink is perfect for collecting and carrying water for purification, cooking, washing dishes or personal for bathing. It is available in 5, 10, and 20-liter capacities.

3. Gander Mountain Mojo Cot, Green

Camping Gear

For those of you who aren’t too crazy about sleeping on the ground, give this 7-foot long cot a try. While it’s not quite like your bed at home, it is better than a rock in the small of your back. It also folds up for easy transportation and storage.

Camping Gear

4. Trekking Poles

Walking staffs and trekking poles certainly aren’t required camping gear, but they can be a nice addition on your hike in the woods. They can help keep your footing more stable and keep some of the stress off your knees. These lightweight aluminum poles have three telescoping sections.

Camping Gear

5. AeroPress Coffee Maker

The AeroPress is a real treat for both at home and while camping. This is the way to drink coffee no matter where you find yourself. This pour over coffee method does require you to heat up water, so a fire or cookstove are also a necessity.

Camping Gear

6. Cabela’s Easy-Up Deluxe Shower Shelter

A portable shower also isn’t required for camping, but if you wind up camping off the beaten path, you just might be happy that you planned ahead. This shower shelter also calls for a portable shower bag for a refreshing shower.

Camping Gear

7. Fatboy USA Lamzac Lounge Sofa

Every camping trip requires some lounging time–it’s a rule. Lounge anywhere with this inflatable and durable sofa that takes only minutes to inflate. It can also hold two people–hint, hint.

Camping Gear

8. Marmot Limestone 3-Season Tent

Get away in style with this 3-season tent with so many features that it’s almost as comfortable as home! It has two doors and vestibules for storage space, a removable room divider, reflective guy-out points so you don’t trip over the lines at night, jingle-free zippers for breezy nights, and more.

Camping Gear

9. Hydro Flask Beer Growler

After a long day of hiking, kick back with some ice-cold beer from this on-the-go 64 oz growler. Hydro Flask beverage holders keep your liquids ice cold (or super hot) and they also feature leak-proof seals. We approve.

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